W&H Experience Center:

The customer experience is becoming the most important factor in ongoing digitization. Only those who interact digitally and play on emotions will be able to thrive in today’s market. W&H has achieved just that with the ‘W&H Experience Center’: The virtual platform enables a new form of customer-focused communication which provides the opportunity to interact and network, even in these times of social distancing. W&H customers can take part in a product and brand experience from wherever they are, live and with a real feel.


Dr Karl-Ludwig Ackermann from Filderstadt has always been an uncompromising user of pre-implantological prophylaxis and stringent post-implantological follow-up care and tracks them consistently and with very good results in the PIP (perio-implant-prosthetics) protocol he developed himself. It is therefore not particularly surprising that he became one of the first proponents of the NIWOP programme created by the Austrian medical technology company W&H.

W&H at the Europerio9

EuroPerio is the world’s largest scientific congress focusing on the specialist fields of periodontology and implantology. The latest of these triennial meetings, EuroPerio9, took place in Amsterdam from 20 to 23 June 2018 and brought together more than 10,000 experts. With “No Implantology without Periodontology” short “NIWOP”, W&H presented a systematic and evidence-based workflow for a sound and healthy tissue situation around the implant. The NIWOP workflow, introduced as part of the congress, was not only topic at the W&H booth, but as well at the lecture of Dr. Karl-Ludwig Ackermann.

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