Hi there I am Lisa, the incredible Lisa!

For all those who do not know me, I am a W&H sterilizer. This year, I am celebrating my twentieth birthday, and for the occasion, I want to tell you my story – a truly incredible story!

In 1999, after two years of development and engineering at W&H Sterilization, I was launched as part of the W&H family of hygiene and maintenance products. Named Lisa MB, I have been sold more than sixty thousand times in eighty countries worldwide. I am surely the bestseller in my family! My American Dream came true in 2001, as since then, I am exported to North America.


By the way, W&H Sterilization was founded in 1998, during the same time as my development.
Of course, after my launch my developers never stopped working on me, even though they had their hands full of my sisters. My sister Lina, who came to market twelve years later, is also a very important product. She was preceded in 2009 by MS and followed later by two more family members: Lexa in 2018, and the new Lara in the last IDS. Lara is equipped with a unique Activation Code system, making it really easy to upgrade.

But, back to me and my development: in 2005, a special Eco function was added which allowed to adjust the drying time based on my load. With this new feature, I was renamed as "Lisa 500". Five years on, after mastering this task on my own, as “Lisa Fully Auto”, the drying function “Eco Dry” became fully automatic and I received a traceability function. This is how I made the link between the instrument, sterilization cycle and patient.

In 2015, as Lisa VA-131, I made the leap into the digital age with Eco Dry +, Akidata, Eliso and an app for web-based remote monitoring.

To the „incredible“ Lisa

At the 2019 IDS, as Lisa "incredible inside – incredible outside" I exceeded all expectations.
With my artificial intelligence, I offer perfect control of infection prevention for every practice:
EliSense is like a "sixth sense." And, as I am smart and keep on learning, I can inform of possible optimizations, status and temperature via the display.

EliTrace is my memory, setting a new standard in traceability: total recall, back to the single instrument or kit. I am particularly environmentally friendly with my patented Eco Dry + technology, and I love to communicate interactively via the user app.

We love incredible Lisa

All these innovations make me a pretty incredible product with a great personality.
By the way, my birthday campaign "We love incredible Lisa" is also available as an Instagram story and on Facebook.

Lisa 20 Years
Lisa 20 Years