How do I ensure safety in my practice?

Please see the video of Christian Lechner about your question "How do I ensure safety in my practice?"

Christian Lechner is responsible for the application segment of reprocessing and infection control at W&H. We are daily receiving inquiries from dentists all over the world, on how to protect themselves, their staff and their patients from infections, especially during Covid-19.

What is a proper disinfectant?

Important, when choosing a ready to use disinfectant, is primarily the microbiological efficacy in combination with the contact time. Please read the instructions for use of the manufacturer carefully. Some local institutions are offering free information on this topic. As an example for Germany you can consult the free accessible VAH list, for the US there is an official information available on the FDA website.

How to clean and reprocess your instruments properly?

Sterilization, hygiene and maintenance are increasingly important in the dental practice!
W&H offers a complete and flexible workflow solution for your instruments. Hygiene guidelines and recommendations differ from country to country – we would like to give a best practice example.
P.S. W&H offers a wide range of accessories for optimizing of the sterilization process. Minor extras lead to major results. Work in the praice is easier and your team saves time.

What are the advantages of a B-class sterilizer?

Did you know, that you can save valuable time by using our B- class sterilizers with eco-dry technology? Find out more about the new LISA.

Why should you use a thermal washer disinfector in your dental practice?

The new Teon is a highly efficient thermal washer disinfector. Thanks to its dedicated programs it offers the best cleaning and disinfection for your dental practice. Teon improves the job organization of your hygiene room, reduces the reprocessing time and increases the protection against cross contamination.