Smart ioDent® system saves time

Implantmed Plus

W&H is constantly expanding its portfolio of networked products for dental practice. From summer of 2019, the ‘Implantmed Plus’ – a surgical device with the unique ‘ioDent®’ system – will be available to implantologists.

This smart solution from W&H provides even more safety in dental practice, and enables resources to be used proactively and efficiently.

Digital networking is changing the way we live. Products are becoming an increasingly intelligent part of our everyday life. Interconnected devices assume the function of little helpers, advisers and wizards. They show us how to get to places, coordinate our calendar and connect us to our friends. Ultimately, these tools give us back something that we can never have enough: time. The Internet of Things is no longer just a ‘future vision’ in dental practice. The new Implantmed Plus with its ioDent® system is the new smart assistant in implantology.

Efficient planning and configuration with the ioDent® online platform

Whether you’re at home, on the way to work or about to begin a treatment: thanks to the new ioDent® system, with the Implantmed Plus, treatments can be planned quickly and easily online using a computer or mobile device. The ioDent® online platform’s intuitive user interface enables the user to predefine all the treatment details. Implant positions and all the necessary program steps, customized for each patient, may be planned and configured prior to the treatment. The package is rounded off with an implant manufacturer database in ioDent®.

The background implant data enables you to quickly select the appropriate implant system. The program steps recommended by implant manufacturers are implemented into ioDent® 1:1, which eliminates the time-consuming need for program steps to be configured manually. The program details can also be customized in the ioDent® user interface really easily. The defined settings may simply be sent to the Implantmed Plus at the start of treatment.

Automated documentation process makes day-to-day work simpler

Transferring documentation data using a USB stick is history with ioDent®, which enables automated data management. Be it torque progression, threading curve, drill protocol or implant stability values, all the documentation data can be transferred from the Implantmed Plus surgical device to the online platform.

The benefit is not only the time being saved each day, but also the safety of having access to an overview of all the data at all times. Implantologists can give their patients an insight into the insertion data as soon as the treatment is finished and provide details about the progress. If the patient needs to be referred, all treatment documentation can simply be exported and sent to whoever is due to perform the post-treatment.

More service with ioDent®

Are the devices working perfectly? Is a service due? Or is a device malfunctioning? With ioDent®, the user can easily obtain answers to all these questions and more. Using the ioDent® platform, users have a complete view of all their Implantmed Plus devices. ioDent® provides information not only on the device parameters, such as the first operation or the operating hours. The smart system from W&H informs the user about upcoming services and also warns users and W&H Service Support if malfunctions occur. W&H Service Support can therefore respond early, arrange any necessary repair measures and provide replacement devices even more quickly. This minimizes downtime and means resources are being used more efficiently.

Alongside the smart ioDent® solution package, Implantmed Plus features a range of tried-and-tested product features including state-of-the-art design, a maximum motor torque of 6.2 Ncm and a motor speed range of 200–40,000 rpm. There is also a variety of optional product features that can be selected individually and retrofitted on request, such as the W&H Osstell ISQ module – a unique system for measuring implant stability.

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