W&H recognized at FutureZone Award 2019

With the new ioDent® brand, W&H has brought intelligent products and services onto the dental market, revolutionizing treatment processes for dentists and patients. The medical technology company and its partner dataformers have now been awarded a top-three spot in the ‘Internet of Things’ category at the FutureZone Award 2019 for these ground-breaking, smart solutions.

“With devices that are connected via the internet, optimizing processes and facilitating new services – ioDent® heralds an entirely new era in the dental world. We are thrilled that our
developments are not only popular with dental practices, but that they have also received such a high accolade from the experts in the shape of the FutureZone Award 2019,” said Christoph Hiltl, W&H Director Digital Solutions at the FutureZone Award ceremony in Vienna on 21 November. The new ioDent® platform was developed jointly by W&H and dataformers, the Linz-based software engineering specialists.

ioDent® Program Manager Sebastian Kritzinger, Tina Trenkler and Johannes Schacherl from dataformers, and Christoph Hiltl, W&H Director Digital Solutions.

Added value for dentists and patients

Intelligent W&H products, such as the new Implantmed Plus, communicate with a powerful cloud service platform thanks to the ioDent®-system. Whether you are at home, on the way to work or about to begin a treatment, with ioDent® treatments can be planned quickly and easily online using a computer or mobile device. The intuitive user interface of the ioDent® online platform enables to pre-set all the treatment details. This interconnectivity increases autonomy and efficiency for service providers and patients. The devices are easy to use, which saves time in their use and during training.

During the treatment, records are automatically logged in the background resulting in optimized work processes as time-consuming documentation is a thing of the past. Last but not least, the online platform offers an overview of all the smart devices and notifies you in good time of any maintenance that is required and minimizing downtime and reducing the unnecessary use of service technicians.

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