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Entran - observations after 12+ months

Dr. Christoph Kaaden
Endodontology specialist from Munich, Germany.

When, over a year ago, I decided to focus solely on endodontic work, I made a few changes in terms of my treatment procedures.

Without doubt, the best change to date has proven to be the introduction of the “Entran” battery-operated Endo contra-angle handpiece from W&H. My practice has two of these contra-angle handpieces. At last, we are now able to carry out root canal preparations using a highly ergonomic device, without the hindrance of a foot control or a mess of cables.

I would like to highlight a number of advantages in particular:

No maintenance or repair work has been required to date.

In my opinion, the device runs very smoothly and has a very consistent motor power.

The battery performance is excellent.

Even after one year's use, the contra-angle handpieces are not showing any (or barely any) signs of wear.

W&H Entran

I don't find that I need the Entran to have additional or higher speed settings for my day-to-day work, as the vast majority of root canal preparations can be carried out with the available speed. My only recommendation would be that future models have an audible “warning signal” when the set torque is reached rather than a purely visual one.

Our minds are therefore made up: the Entran is a “must buy” and an indispensable tool in our day-to-day endodontic work.

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