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User Report Prozone

Georgi Tomov, PhD
Faculty of dentistry, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

I use the W&H Prozone device mainly for endodontic applications. Why do I use it? Ozone is a highly effective disinfectant and has already been used in dentistry for over 100 years. Endodontic treatments are known to be particularly complex and time-consuming. In only 50% of cases is it possible to mechanically prepare the entire root canal. There is no ideal rinsing solution. Ozone offers a range of advantages over conventional solutions, including biological compatibility, low toxicity, positive antimicrobial effects and simple coverage of the entire treatment site, to name but a few. For me, using ozone is therefore the best option.

As for the device itself: Prozone enables gentle, pain-free treatment. The device is practical and easy to use. The dosage is preset on the device. The available tips enable hygienic and highly precise work.

One of many examples of a successful application involves a patient suffering from acute periodontitis apicalis with formation of fistulas. As a restorative measure, we prepared the root canal and rinsed with cleaning fluid. The root canal was then left to dry and gassed with ozone for 24 seconds. We used Prozone to dispense the ozone gas. The plastic tips allow ozone to be introduced into the root canal in a pain-free manner. After the ozone treatment, the root canal was sealed using MTA. The treatment was already a complete success after one gassing session of 24 seconds.

Image 1 & 2: periodontitis apicalis with formation of fistulas
Image 3: Root Canal Preparation
Image 4: Gassing with Prozone
Image 5: success of treatment after only 24 seconds of gassing