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Higher added value for small patients

Source: ZWP 6 / 2013
Author: Christin Bunn, Oemus Media AG

Treating children's teeth is different from treating adults' in a number of ways. Consequently, children pose a particular challenge to dentists from both a technical and an emotional perspective. Instruments tailored to the special situations and sizes encountered in children's mouths can truly work wonders and make a visit to the dentist's considerably more pleasant for little patients.

Not even the youngest patients are safe from caries, periodontitis, etc., and children have very particular requirements when it comes to visiting the dentist's, demanding not only medical proficiency, but also a great deal of tact, empathy and patience. If one day it proves necessary to get out the drill, the child is suddenly faced with a particularly stressful situation. After all, the dentist will be working in the child's mouth, which is of course very small, with a variety of different instruments In addition, the instruments seem much larger to the child and may also frighten the child more, making the situation even more unpleasant than it was simply from being in the chair in the first place.

Synea Vision TK-94 L
TK-94 microturbine, an instrument in W&H's Synea Vision range.

For this reason, the optimal solution is for dentists to use the smaller instruments which now form part of every manufacturer's range when treating children. W&H has also responded to the demand for small and particularly convenient instruments and is delighted to present the solution in the form of the TK-94 microturbine. This is an instrument from the Synea Vision range that is especially suited to minimally invasive applications like paediatric dentistry.

The microturbine is characterized by a very small head with a diameter of just 9 millimetres and a total head depth of just 17.2 millimetres with a 16 mm drill inserted (short shaft instrument 313). This compact turbine allows the dentist to work without damaging the hard substance and even to access difficult-to-reach areas with precise work. The reduced head size offers both a better view of the treatment site and optimal control of the instrument.

Since dentists often name the instrument noise as a problem factor when treating children, then the W&H microturbine will gain extra points in that aspect too. Despite its high output of 12 watts, the turbine is still very quiet and thus contributes to ensuring a uniform and harmonious treatment procedure. An additional advantage of the small turbine sizes is that the instrument does not bump against neighbouring teeth or antagonists, which can increase the child's anxiety.

Additional product features at a glance

In the TK-94 microturbine W&H has combined intelligent design with optimal efficiency and thus offers a considerable benefit to both the dentist and patients, whether child or adult. At the same time, the microturbine sets particular accents in the product range and amazes with all the equipment-relevant features of the Synea Vision family. All turbines also offer perfect illumination of the treatment site thanks to the high quality and innovative LED technology. The 5x Spray guarantees optimal cooling, while the ceramic ball bearings in the integrated sealing system ensure an extended service life and very quiet operation.

Synea Vision TK-94 L

Another highlight of the latest instrument range is the particularly scratch-resistant surface. This ensures the high resilience of the external components even in the most rigorous conditions of daily use and thus keeps the turbines looking new and pristine for longer than ever before. In addition to the TK-94 microturbine, W&H also offers another three turbines in the Synea equipment range, which are completely tailored to the dentist's requirements. The TK-100 turbine has outstanding power and is specially suited to removing crowns and bridges, whilst the TK-97 and TK-98 turbines are characterised by higher power at lower noise levels. These three versions also offer shadow-free illumination of the treatment site thanks to the unique Ring LED+ system. Equipped with the right instruments, a trip to the dentist's become a positive experience – for the dentist and large and small patients alike.