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Innovative caries detection

The Facelight light probe enables you to proceed selectively during caries excavation.
This is supported by the innovative FACE method:
Fluorescence Aided Caries Excavation

  • Light probe shining

    How Facelight works

    Bacteria in dentine infected by caries leave behind metabolic products (porphyrins). When an exposed cavity is illuminated with violet light (wavelength
    of 405 nm), these porphyrins show a red fluorescence, thereby indicating the significant areas for caries excavation.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Visual detection of caries in opened cavities
      at a glance
    • Support for the selective, minimally invasive excavation
    • Safety and minimal risk of caries recurrence
    More reliable caries detection

    More reliable caries detection

    An examination with Facelight minimises the risk of recurrence of caries.
    The Facelight light probe also provides important information for deciding how to treat Caries Profunda.
    The slender design of the Facelight light probe offers optimum access to the treatment site.
    Flexible, non-contact and therefore painless application is guaranteed.
    High efficiency with caries excavation

    High efficiency with caries excavation

    Without Facelight

    Bacteria in dentine infected with caries leave metabolic by-products (porphyrins). They are not visible to the naked eye.

    With Facelight

    Dentine infected with caries is clearly visible in opened cavities when illuminated
    with the Facelight light probe. The porphyrins present there fluoresce red,
    while healthy tooth substance fluoresces green.
    The Facelight diagnostic goggles increase the contrast.
    Pictures: © PD Dr. Wolfgang Buchalla
    Supports minimally invasive procedures

    Supports minimally invasive procedures

    With the Facelight light probe you can precisely excavate dentine infected with caries.
    This conserves the healthy tooth substance of your patients!
    Picture: © PD Dr. Wolfgang Buchalla


    Facelight aids detection and monitoring of carious tooth substance, in particular in dentin, during the excavation
    of previously opened cavities.

    REF 11820400

    consists of:
    > Base body (1 pcs)
    > Battery (2 pcs)
    > Light rod 90° (2 pcs)
    > Charging station (1 pcs)
    > Power supply unit EU (1 pcs)
    > Diagnostic goggles (1 pcs)
    > Filter disc (1 pcs)
    > O-ring (1 pcs)

    Goggles attachment set (filter, magnifier)

    Available as an accessory set for use with dental loupes or as an extension
    to the diagnostic goggles for identifying and differentiating finest structures.

    Extension to conventional magnifying glasses

    By using the goggles attachment set, the filter function can be extended to conventional magnifying glasses (without LED attachment).
    Extension to the
    diagnostic goggles

    The diagnostic goggles can be extended with a magnifying function using the Eschenbach dental loupe attachment supplied (1.7 x magnification).

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  • Type RB-405
    LED wavelength: 405 nm
    Light rod angle: 90° (140° *)
    Weight of light probe (with 90° light rod): 65 g

    Battery life:
    Charging time:
    Long-life nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH),
    no memory effect
    25 mins (corresponds to approx. 30 patients)
    1 hour
    Filter disc / Diagnostic Goggles: 500 nm long-passfilter
    Mains voltage of charging station: 100-130 V or 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Weight of charging station: 278 g
    > light probe, light rod, diagnostic goggles, charging station, filter disc
    > battery

    24 months
    6 months

    * Not included. Available as accessory.