RC Straight & Contra-angle Handpieces

The W&H RC Series straight- and contra-angle handpiece range
provides excellent price to performance ratios.

  • RC straight and contra-angle handpieces RC-56, RC-58, RC-43

    RC at your fingertips

    The W&H RC Series also includes high-quality straight and contra-angle handpieces. These provide excellent price
    to performance ratios and can be easily converted to Exco handpieces using the RC-E spray kit.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Solid components
    • Long lifespan
    • Short and lightweigt
    • Improved visibility
    • Robust and flexible chucking system

    RC-E spray-clip kit

    Transform RC to RC E

    The RC E spray-clip kit
    (including spray clips) is an
    easy-to-locate and economical
    tool to transform any RC handpiece
    into an RC Exco handpiece.
    Comfortable handling

    Guarantees a perfect application

    RC contra-angle handpieces impress thanks to
    their improved visibility and comfortable handling and help to reduce fatigue, even during longer treatments.

    Like the turbine and contra-angle handpieces,
    the RC-43 straight handpiece offers a robust and flexible chucking system.
    Push-button chuck system

    Push-button chuck system

    The push-button chuck system guaranties
    easy, comfortable and secure bur change.

    RC Straight & Contra-angle Handieces & Air motors


    Contra-angle handpiece 1:1,
    25,000 rpm,
    push-button chuck,
    for contra-angle burs Ø 2.35 mm

    REF 30360000

    RC contra-angle handpiece


    Contra-angle handpiece 1:1,
    25,000 rpm,
    lever chuck,
    for contra-angle burs Ø 2.35 mm

    REF 11245800

    RC contra-angle handpiece


    Straight handpiece 1:1,
    25,000 rpm,
    lever chuck,
    for contra-angle burs Ø 2.35 mm

    REF 11144300

    RC straight handpiece


    Air motor,
    30 W, 4 Ncm, 20,000–25,000 rpm,
    additional option of adding an external spray

    RC-20 BC
    REF 11042000

    Coupling system Borden 2/3-hole

    RC-20 RM
    REF 11042001

    Coupling system Ritter Midwest

    RC Low-speed Sets

    RC Low-speed Sets

    Compiled for your
    individual needs

    2 LS RM
    REF 90000330

    › RC-56
    › RC-43
    › RC-20 RM

    2 LS BC
    REF 90000331

    › RC-56
    › RC-43
    › RC-20 BC

    3 LS RM
    REF 90000332

    › RC-56
    › HE-43 T
    › AM-20 RM

  • RC Straight & Contra-angle handpieces

    Types: RC-56 RC-58 RC-43
    Transmission ratio: 1:1
    Motor coupling: ISO 3964
    Rotary instruments EN ISO 1797-1: Ø 2.35 mm
    Max. speed (rpm): 25,000
    Chucking system: push-button lever chuck

    RC Air motor

    Types: RC-20 BC/RM
    Connection on the hose side (ISO 9168): Borden 2/3-hole/Ritter Midwest
    Motor coupling: ISO 3964
    Speed range at 2.2 bar– 3bar (rpm): 20,000–25,000
    Stationary torque (Ncm): 4
    Max. power (W): 30