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Remote monitoring and recording

With W&H’s computer software, your Lisa 300 and Lisa 500 cycle records are automatically saved on computer, either by direct serial connection or via your Local Area Network (LAN).

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

System Overview

  • LisaWare

    LisaWare – Computer Software

    This software is fully independent and can link up to 4 Lisa sterilizers. It is also possible to monitor all connected devices from your computer at any time.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Fully independent software: no need for manipulation
    • 2 connection options: via serial port or LAN
    • Possible to monitor the current status of up to 4 Lisas on computer at any time
    • You are kept informed of what is going on via pop-ups
    • Clear and easy-to-use software
    Optimize your time management

    LisaWare – Keeps you in the know!

    The monitoring of your devices from a distance means that you can optimize your time management. With LisaWare you always know what is going on via pop-ups and you can check the current status of all connected sterilizers, such as remaining cycle time, on your computer monitor at any time.
    Retrieve your cycle records easily

    LisaWare – Peace of mind!

    With LisaWare’s various search options you can easily retrieve your cycle records. These records fully comply with your local standards and guidelines and integrate into your hygiene protocol so as to legally protect your practice.
    LisaWare and LisaSafe:
    the perfect team

    LisaWare – Hassle free documentation

    LisaWare and LisaSafe are the perfect team for safe traceability and documentation. LisaSafe provides simple and safe traceability from the load and cycle to the patient whilst LisaWare provides full reports of every cycle carried out, that are automatically saved on computer.

    With LisaWare you can even use the unique tracking code on your LisaSafe labels to retrievenyour cycle records in.

    LisaWare for Lisa 300 and Lisa 500

    LisaWare LAN
    REF 19721103

    LAN connection

    LisaWare RS232
    REF 19721104

    Serial connection

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