The best water treatment to supply multiple sterilizers simultaneously

High quality demineralized water guarantees consistent, optimal performance and extends the life of your sterilizer and of your instruments.

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

System Overview

Answer 3 questions to find the right Water Treatment Device for your demands!

Find the right Water Treatment Device for your demands.


How many sterilizers are installed?

How many cycles run per day on each sterilizer?

What is the water conductivity level?

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Distilled Water

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  • Water demineralization system Osmo

    Purified water for optimal results

    Osmo is able to produce up to 30 litres of demineralized water per hour and supply up to 6 devices simultaneously. The water storage tank supplied has an effective volume of 7 litres of demineralized water to provide higher amounts of purified water used for sterilization and daily activities, such as instrument rinsing.

    Advantages at a glance

    • Suitable for use with all types of sterilizers, up to 6 devices simultaneously
    • Flexible use in combination with the spray gun
    • Fast cartridge replacement without tools
    • Automatic water filling and direct draining
    • Optimized ion exchange resin and carbon filter cartridges
    • Cost effective solution both for regions with poor water quality and practices with high demand
    • The purified water complies with the relevant recommendations and regulations for the correct reprocessing of instruments
    • Consistently high water quality, no limescale deposits

    • Multiple devices

      Multiple devices

      Osmo is the perfect solution if you want to provide purified water to a large number of sterilizers at the same time.

      › The system can be connected directly to one or more sterilizers simultaneously.

      › The convenient spray gun allows the manual filling of any sterilizer.

    • Filter replacement

      Filter replacement

      The screw-unscrew system makes filter replacement easier than ever.

      › To replace one of the two cartridges, turn it left.

      › Be sure to be aligned on the unlock symbol and pull it down.

      › Insert the new cartridge aligning the unlock symbol and turn it right to the lock position.


      Automatic filling

      REF 19721134

    • Technical data

      Water treatment principle: Reverse Osmosis
      Direct connection to sterilizer:
      Number of connectable sterilizers: up to 6 units
      Possibility of manual filling: (spray gun)
      Fulfilling sterilization requirements:
      Water quality output: 0.5-5 µS/cm
      Produced water: 30 litres/1h
      Volume storage tank: 7 litres
      Water pressure (min./max.): 0.5-5 bar
      Main device dimensions (w x h x d): 37 x 52 x 13 cm
      Water tank dimensions (w x h x d): 23 cm (Ø) x 35 cm (h)
      Weight: 13 kg
      Electrical supply needed:
      Electrical power supply: 230 V AC; 50/60 Hz; 0.6 A 115 V AC; 50/60 Hz; 1.2 A
      Wall mount:
      Backflow preventer according to EN1717:
      Demineralized water according to EN13060 Annex C: