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Lisa incredible outside
Lisa incredible inside

The new Lisa sterilizers

From the outside
Smooth surfaces, a fresh, ergonomic design – and an incredibly crystal clear colour display. The menu structure and the artificial intelligence behind it turns high end B type sterilizing into one of the most simple, comfortable and safest systems in the world. For full infection control within your daily work.

From the inside
So many elements, so much incredible technology and so many parts, completely integrated, in the right place and ready to serve and fulfil the daily requirements of a high end B type sterilizer!

Incredible thanks to

  • EliSense: Thanks to LED indicators and display the outstanding technology offers cycle status information, temperature information and much more to optimize both workflow and output at a glance.
  • EliTrace: For the first time, the sterilization process can be traced and documented down to the individual instrument or instrument kit. Without additional software or computer.
  • Eco Dry+: Eco Dry technology adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. This reduces the cycle time, increases the life span of your instruments and optimizes the energy consumption.
  • Intuitive interface
  • Perfect ergonomics
  • Safety

    For a stable implant

    In combination with the W&H Osstell ISQ module or Osstell Beacon, Implantmed allow the reliable measurement of implant stability. The measured implant stability quotient (ISQ value) is displayed directly on the screen.

    The automatic torque control offers you support in the safe insertion of implants.

    • Automatic thread cutter function
    • Accurate torque control
    • Stability measurement
    • Documentation

  • Thread cutter function

    Stress-free healing

    Use the automatic thread cutter function to insert implants in hard bone. The thread cutter function prevents excessive compression of the bone when inserting the implant. The result: No bone loss and stress-free healing of the implant.

  • Torque control

    Automatic torque control

    The torque can be precisely adjusted from 5 to 80 Ncm and ensures the necessary safety when inserting implants.

    • Controlled insertion of all types of implant with torque of up to 80 Ncm

  • Stability measurement

    Implant stability measurement

    Measuring the stability of implants allows reliable evaluation of osseointegration. The ISQ values are documented based on the tooth position.

    • Implantmed can be upgraded with the W&H Osstell ISQ module at any time
    • Osstell Beacon interface: Bluetooth connection to Osstell Beacon for simple measurement of implant stability

  • Documentation

    Documentation of osseointegration

    Now possible!
    Activate the documentation function and document treatments and their results. That offers you extra security, ensures quality and reinforces your patient’s confidence.

    • Saves all values of the implant insertion on a USB stick
    • Inform referrers about the healing process

    Flexible with the wireless foot control

    Incredible easy to use in between the Implantmed and the Piezomed.

    Prof. Dr. José Luis Calvo Guirado D.D.S, PhD,Eu PhD, M.S.,
    oral surgeon, Spain

    • safe

      New with stability control!

      Torque control
      Stability measurement

    • simple

      Intuitive and clear!

      Colour touch screen
      New pump design
      Ideal for the group practice

    • flexible

      Upgrade at any time!

      Wireless foot control
      W&H Osstell ISQ module
      Electric motor EM-19 LC

    The new foot control – One for all!

    Wireless foot control for controlling multiple W&H devices





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    2. adfad


    • adsf
    • adsfa



      Get connected to the future

      • ioDent® – Welcome to the world of digital dentistry

        The Internet of Things (IoT) has now become reality in dental practices, with W&H offering intelligent and networked product solutions in dentistry under the new digital brand ioDent® – W&H Smart Dental Solutions. In future, the cloudbased system will communicate with the connected devices via the ioDent® Gateway mini. Data exchange is secure and easy!

        • Flexibility even on the road
          Access to your networked devices – any time and from anywhere. Whether you are in the practice or on the road.
        • Efficient support in everyday practice
          Targeted application of resources and easy management of patient and device data. Quick and easy – for service, maintenance and revalidation.
        ioDent – W&H Smart Dental Solutions
      • Implantmed Plus
        with ioDent® system

        Implantmed Plus offers a surgical device that includes the unique »ioDent® system«. The intelligent W&H solution will increase safety in the practice and resources can be planned in advance to increase efficiency.

        • Traceability and safety
          The USB stick is a thing of the past! Trace your surgical procedures with the »Online Documentation Protocol« – completely automatic, easy and secure.
        • Easy data management
          Share information with other clinicians or with patients.
        • Always up-to-date
          You will always be state-of-the-art with the functional extensions on the ioDent® online platform.
        • Personal Online Dashboard
          Whether device status or required service: »Online Device Monitoring« provides you with an overview of your connected devices.
        • Plan your operation
          You can plan your operation in advance with the »Online Treatment Setup« and transmit the configuration to your Implantmed Plus. An integrated implant manufacturer database* sets all parameters before the operation.
          * W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH accepts no liability for ensuring that the Information is up to date, correct and complete.
        • ioDent® Gateway mini
          The gateway is the link between your devices and the online platform. The number of connected devices is unlimited.
        Implantmed Plus

        ioDent Gateway mini
      • Innovative reprocessing
        Innovative reprocessing
        with the ioDent® system

        The new Lisa sterilizers combined with the ioDent® system ensure intelligent and networked reprocessing of instruments. With a wide selection of smart solutions and options,
        digitalisation becomes a reality even for sterilization.

        • Time savings
          › Reduced paper documentation
          › Fully automatic, wireless process documentation
        • Easy-to-use
          › Installation via Wi-Fi
          › Flexible and easy-to-use
          › No need to install local software
        • Security
          › Fully automatic storage of cycle Reports in the cloud
          › On-time ordering of consumables
        • Flexibility
          › Fast and easy upload of cycle Reports from unconnected devices of other manufacturers
          › All documents available from the online device record at the press of button

      Intelligent Assist

      • The world of ioDent
        The world of ioDent®

        ioDent® – W&H Smart Dental Solutions – is the new W&H brand for digital dental Solutions.

        In future, the ioDent® system will convert W&H products into intelligent networked Solutions and give you the possibility of developing customized offers. The ioDent® Intelligent Assist monitoring system will provide proactive support with service and maintenance as well as in the automatic supply of consumables and pay-per-use models. Expand your portfolio and improve customer satisfaction.
      • Your advantages at a glance
        • Online Dashboard
          Includes monitoring of connected devices. Keep an eye on the Status of your installed devices at any time.
        • Online Solution Suggestion
          Get the appropriate suggestions for the most efficient and fastest solutions.
        • Online Ticketing System
          Manage your service processes quickly and easily.
        • Online Map View
          Visualise your installed devices on a geographical map to optimise resource planning.
        Your advantages at a glance
      • The »Monitoring front-end« provides you with a clear general view of your customers’ installed and connected devices:

        • Expand your portfolio
          Create customized pay-per-use models and automate the supply of the right consumables and service materials.
        • Increase your customer satisfaction
          Error messages are sent to the applicable service Organisation quickly and automatically. This gives Service technicians fast information on the problem, and they can respond immediately.
        • Improve your service quality
          In addition to error messages, you receive information about potential causes, their frequency and the relevant solutions. The double-loop learning system compiles information on products that are becoming more and more complex.
        • Increase your efficiency
          You receive early data-based Information on required spare parts. This enables fast and efficient on-site service. Wasted trips and incorrect parts become a thing of the past.
        Monitoring Frontend

      ioDent® Service

      • Our goal ist to create an ioDent ecosystem in which individual products grow for different users.
        In this environment, the products can interact individually as well as in collaboration.
        The plant in the middle represents our continuously growing product.
        Due to ongoing customer feedback and customer centric development we release new ioDent features every 3-4 months.

        Our idea is to enable others to do a great job. Empower others to provide high efficient services and high-end treatment for the patient.
        With our technology and our innovations we are able to boost the performance of every dentist.
        >Scope of Service
      • Supported Devices

        Device Management

        Overview of all your connected devices
        Connectivity Status – Device Online or Offline
        Fast filtering and searching

        Device Information

        Device status and information at a glance
        Service check
        Consumables replacement
        Software Version
        Device related information

        Device Information

        Configurable triggers for Service and consumables notification reminder

        Map View

        Visualization of errors for better overview

        Ticketing System

        Facilitates your error management
        Assign responsible technicians
        Track the status progress

        Solution Suggestion

        Automatic and exact identification of errors
        Possible causes and suggested solutions are displayed

        Event History

        Relevant service information remotely accessible for technicians
        Access important debug files remotely

        Document Sharing

        Paperless exchange of documents between dealer and dentist (e.g.)
        Installation protocol
        Validation reports
        Instructions for use

        Notification System

        Automatic notifications in case of unexpected events
        Individually customizable

        Cycle Documentation

        Automatic cycle documentation
        Filter and search mechanism to quickly access cycles


        User Tokens
        Device Certificates

      • System Requirements
        1. Supported Sterilizer
        2. Internet Access (WIFI Stick for Sterilizer optional)
        3. Computer/Phone
        4.Google Chrome (Latest - Recommended - Internet Explorer not supported)

      Interested in ioDent®?

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