Gio is Testing the Website!

Yay words

...this is for fun to test out what I am doing

wow this is text in bold
wow this is text in italics

i am typing more to see how to do the website

What a story – Gio started at W&H almost 3 weeks ago. What a journey.

W&H hashtag

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.


words are being typed into this small box into the mass universe of the internet

piezomed image


Wowza! What a design!

Giovanna Vinhaes

As early as 2021, Giovanna Vinhaes started at W&H. She is the Marketing Assistant for W&H Impex. How cool is she?

"Go digital" with Implantmed Plus
With Giovanna and Vinhaes® system, W&H is helping the company become more digital and have more social media

Vinhaes® is helping connect W&H to more North American customers. That's awesome.

Always a step ahead

Giovanna is finding out all the trends of marketing and using them for w&h

With Implantmed, W&H has the shortest and most powerful implantology motor on the market.
In Implantmed Plus, implantologists have a powerful device with optional extra features.
Every Implantmed generation – always a step ahead!