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User Report Alegra Contra-angle LED

Alegra Contra-angle LED

User report by Frank Diemer, France.

I was very impressed with the new Alegra contra-angle handpiece WE-99 with generator technology. The daylight quality, relatively "white" LED light provides brighter illumination than a conventional halogen light, which helps to improve visibility and working comfort.

The illuminated area seems to me to be larger than with the previous generation of instruments, as a result of which major contrast fluctuations in the working area and the sometimes poorly illuminated areas caused by the operating lighting and the contra-angle handpiece are avoided.

The handpiece grip and surface quality ensure a safe hold on the device (gloves do not slip) and facilitate cleaning and decontamination. Furthermore, the noise level is relatively low, which means that long sessions are possible without any problems.

The universal applicability of the Alegra contra-angle handpiece is a further benefit. You do not have to worry about the motor connection. The light works independently of the unit and motor, even if no light cable is provided. The range is completed by the WE-56 blue ring and the WE-66 green ring 4:1.

I hope that this technological innovation can soon be applied in the contra-angle handpieces with speed reduction that are used in endodontics, in order to improve visibility during root canal treatments.