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Daylight-quality working conditions

Personal information
Sarah Susanne Blattner
Studying dentistry in Ulm and Freiburg
Assistant dentist at dental practice in Munich

The Synea TA-98 C LED made by W&H is the first turbine on the market with a small head holding both an integrated daylight-quality LED (light emitting diode) and 5x spray. The aim of this user review of the Synea TA-98 C LED was to test the light quality and intensity, colour rendering, handling and precision, and to describe the results with text and images.

A short overview of the Synea turbine

At only 42 g this turbine is a true featherweight. Equipped with a high-intensity LED+, it achieves a colour temperature of 5,500 K and has a colour spectrum equivalent to that of daylight. This, in turn, provides a high colour rendering index (CRI >90) so red tones are perceived naturally. This and the fact that the LED is positioned right at the small head (diameter 11.5 mm) create the best visibility.

The TA-98 C LED also has a five-jet spray (5x spray) which is designed to provide optimal cooling. The Roto Quick coupling, which like the turbine is completely sterilizable, is needed to connect media hoses to the unit.
With the Synea TA-97 W&H now has another turbine in its range of products which has a head size even smaller than that of the TA-98.

Testing process

This turbine was used 2-3 times a day over a period of 3 months. It was not possible to use it more often due to sterilisation needs. To get a wide-ranging impression of this device it was used for a variety of procedures. It was used for trepanations, as well as cavity and crown-bridge preparation.

This naturally also includes the use of different burs (pear-shaped, chamfer, separator, torpedo etc.). In addition, the turbine was tested in all 4 quadrants to compare lighting conditions, water cooling and ergonomics. Dental loupes with 2.5x magnification were used with most of the procedures.

Test results

Ergonomics and handling
When using this instrument for the first few times, the first thing one notices is how comfortable it is to handle. Compared with many contra-angles handpieces, the turbine is much lighter; it sits comfortably in the hand like a fountain pen and is pleasant to work with.

Because it is so lightweight it can be used with longer procedures without causing muscle fatigue. Even at the highest number of revolutions per minute (360,000 rpms), it sits securely in the hand and can be guided precisely and smoothly with high power (20 W). Burs can be inserted to the turbine quickly. The burs are removed using a simple mechanism: pressing the push-button chuck on the head to release the bur.

Light intensity/quality
The integrated LED+ provided excellent lighting conditions for all of the tested work processes, as well as the different quadrants. Not only was the area being worked on well-lit but the surrounding area was as well. The daylight-quality spectrum produces exact detail rendering, precision and sharp colour contrast. Compared with conventional LEDs, the LED+ on the TA-98 is noticeably more intense and the colours are truer. It was easier to make out the difference between enamel and dentine with this LED+.

Similarly, the transition from carious to healthy hard dental structures was delineated more clearly. Red tones in the gingiva appeared more intense. Thanks to the position of the LED+ being close to the head, even small or very distal cavities were well illuminated.

Head size
The small head and low head height provided very clear sight lines for working. This was especially noticeable in patients with small mouth openings or in children. It was easier to work on small patients in particular with this turbine. For one, tight space conditions were easily managed, and for another, thanks to the high-performance LED+ the operating light did not need to be used; this made the work more efficient.

Cooling system
The fivefold spray provides optimal cooling. Because sufficient cooling is important, especially for larger preparations to avoid damage to the pulp, the 5x spray is absolutely justified. All burs that were used were cooled equally well and there were few negative spray effects.

Overall impression
Very good. The light quality and intensity, colour rendering, handling, turbine performance and the turbine construction made me a fan. Users will appreciate this turbine in particular for small fillings, restorations in very distal locations, and patients with little space. Its light weight is very comfortable for longer procedures and it removes stress from the hands and fingers. This turbine is also recommended for beginners because the user has much better sight lines and greater visibility.