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First 45° contra-angle handpiece for oral surgery

Innovation from W&H at IDS 2013: first 45° contra-angle handpiece for oral surgery allows optimal access to treatment site

At this year’s International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, W&H unveiled a true world first: the new 45° contra-angle handpiece for oral surgery. It not only combines the advantages of surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces, but simultaneously allows considerably improved access and a better view of the treatment site. Access to the molars is made considerably easier even in patients with smaller mouths.

It isn’t just the customers who are taken with the innovative design and the extraordinary functionality of the new W&H instrument, the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Dentalindustrie (GFDI) and the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VDDI) agreed at the trade fair in Cologne to include the 45° contra-angle handpiece in the IDS innovation list.

Dr. med. dent. Mario Kirste MSc, a specialist in implantology and oral surgery from Frankfurt(Oder), has been using the new 45° contra-angle handpiece for some time already and spoke to us about his initial impressions:

“I have been using this wonderful piece of technology from Bürmoos (Austria) for over four months now. This handpiece pleases everybody – it brings together both hardened users who prefer straight handpieces and those who prefer contra-angle handpieces.

The 45° angle of the handpiece has been specially selected for its wide range of advantages. Colleagues who work in surgery, and for whom this handpiece was primarily developed, will soon appreciate the ability to work efficiently in very restricted spaces. In wisdom tooth extractions in particular (fig. 2) there is no need for large-scale spreading of the soft tissues in the cheek region (fig. 3). The design of the handpiece head combined with turning the head slightly during preparation allows work to be carried out quickly and safely in the retromolar region.

Speaking of working quickly: the instrument can achieve up to 100,000 rpm while a very professional cooling system and small attachment head cover all aspects relating to thermal effects and unobstructed work.

The professional design of the bearings inside the handpiece head guarantees quiet running of the bur; this makes for an impressively atraumatic cut in the separation of tooth and root (fig. 4-9).

The 45° contra-angle handpiece is very comfortable to hold. You notice almost straightaway that the working head mimics the angle of your index finger and, as such, the desired movement is simply transferred a couple of imaginary centimetres parallel to the tip. (Fig. 1)”

Dr. med. dent Mario Kirste MSc.

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