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User Report Dr. Jesús F. Creagh Zorrilla

Lina meets highest practice requirements

The Lina sterilizer from W&H offers exclusively type B cycles that are suitable for the sterilization of all types of dental products. Equipped with a short ECO-B cycle users also benefit from a fast instrument reprocessing for small loads of all types including bagged hollow instruments such as dental handpieces. In the following interview Dr. Jesús F. Creagh Zorrilla, a specialist for odontology from Sevilla (Spain), who has established a high standard of hygiene processes as an added value in his practice, is talking about the benefits of the sterilizer from W&H:

“Since we are using the new Lina, regarding the drying result of the instruments, we notice a big difference. Compared to our former sterilization solution the W&H device guarantees a perfect dryness. One main feature which is very important to us is the short ECO B cycle. Each day we run approximately four ECO B cycles, which means a significant time-saving for us, as these special cycles reduce the Lina’s average cycles by half.

Our staff is working with the Lina sterilizer on a daily basis, because the most important goal for us is to guarantee safety to our patients and to our staff. Due to a user-friendly keypad all the sterilization options can be easily navigated. Furthermore the W&H product is operating very silently. By using Multiport we are able to save the sterilization cycle reports on USB flash drive. This supports the documentation of the instrument reprocessing process in our practice.

Since we started the cooperation with W&H, the company provides an excellent service and best consultation concerning the hygiene process. This helps us to further improve our practice standards.”

Dr. Creagh with LINA Sterilizer
Dr. Jesús F. Creagh Zorrilla is pleased with the good cooperation with W&H. With the new Lina the practice especially benefits from the short ECO B cycle.
LINA Sterilizer, Assistina 301 plus
With the W&H products the dental practice benefits from optimized processes.
LINA Sterilizer
Compared to the former sterilization solution Lina provides a perfect drying result of the instruments.