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Synea Vision Turbine with 5x ring LED+
Experience of experts

Careful treatment of patients requires concentrated and safe work. Dentists have significant responsibility, and the oral cavity and teeth have proven to be a difficult area in which to work. Space issues and insufficient light conditions are common. For gaining an optimum overview of the clinical situation, even in more difficult conditions, solutions are sought that above all combine an ergonomic design and modern lighting systems.

Superiority of the LED concept

Five high-intensity pinhead-sized LEDs in the Synea Vision Turbine’s small instrument head have been setting new standards in the dental market since Autumn 2014. Arranged in a ring shape, the powerful LEDs enable 100% shadow-free illumination of the preparation site for the first time. Users benefit not only from an improved view at the site of work, but also from increased safety during the procedure. The ergonomic shape and the small head design also make access to the treatment site significantly easier. A special scratch-resistant surface coating ensures a pleasing appearance, elegance and value retention.

Renowned dentists from various regions describe below how the Synea Vision Turbine with 5x ring LED+ has been tried and proven in everyday use. In short statements they not only provide an insight into their methods but also describe the advantages of the new W&H instruments.

A small technical revolution...

ZA Ingmar Dobberstein, Germany
ZA Ingmar Dobberstein, Germany

Remarkable performance....

Dr. J. Satorres, Spain
Dr. J. Satorres, Spain

Superb light source ...

Dr. Sunil Hirani, United Kingdom
Dr. Sunil Hirani, United Kingdom

A revolutionary new handpiece...

Dr. Vivak Shah, United Kingdom
Dr. Vivak Shah, United Kingdom

Best investment for a long time...

DDR Mats Bäckström, Sweden
DDR Mats Bäckström, Sweden

Experience of experts

ZA Ingmar Dobberstein, Berlin, Germany

ZA Ingmar Dobberstein (Berlin, Germany)

“The new Synea Vision Turbine really surprised me. I wouldn’t have thought that it was possible to achieve progress of this type again in turbine technology. The strength of the five LEDs mean that no other light source is required in the mouth, providing a degree of visibility that I wouldn’t have thought possible. It’s like switching on a light at night.

It is also ultra-light, sits excellently in the hand, and is so quiet that I find treating my patients significantly more comfortable. I believe Synea Vision is a small technical revolution.”

Dr. Sunil Hirani BSc (Hons)

Dr Sunil Hirani BSc (Hons), BDS, MSc, FDSRCS (Eng), MOrthRCS (Eng), FDS (Orth), SmileLux, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

"I have been using W&H handpieces consistently for over eight years. I was first recommended these handpieces by a restorative colleague and have tried other brands but now only use W&H within my practice. The Synea Vision turbine with 5x ring LED+ is perhaps one of the best handpieces I have ever used. This is attributed to its light weight, excellent torque and superb light source especially in very difficult to see areas in the posterior part of the mouth.

I find it of tremendous value in my daily orthodontic practice. The Synea Fusion and W&H air motors form part of our mainstream equipment and are extremely reliable and robust especially when care is applied to their use and manufacturer’s instructions are followed. They have survived thousands of sterilisation cycles and still function as good as new. I would highly recommend these handpieces to the serious dental profession who values quality."

Dr. med. dent. Javier Satorres

Dr. med. dent. Javier Satorres (Valencia, Spain)

“The new Synea Vision Turbine from W&H with the new 5x ring LED+ contributes to the tried-and-tested lightness and easy operation of W&H turbines, and offers an extraordinary field of vision without shadow and remarkable performance.

This brings me increased clarity and precision in my treatments.”

Dr. Vivak Shah

Dr. Vivak Shah, Weedon Dental Surgery (Northampton, United Kingdom)

“The TK-97 L is a revolutionary new handpiece that is considerably lighter in weight and has a 5x ring LED+ which significantly improves vision.

I do not use the chair light with this hand piece at all.”

Dr. med.dent. Martin Schiffl

Dr. med.dent. Martin Schiffl (Salzburg, Austria)

“I have used magnifying spectacles with a powerful LED for many years. In most cases this allows me a full visual presentation of the treatment site in the mouth. But especially in areas that are difficult to see, for example if soft tissue such as lips or the tongue affects the light rays from the magnifying spectacle LEDs this can cause inconvenient shadows, making it more difficult to see the treatment field.

It is also harder to see distal treatment areas on the molars. In order to ensure 100% lighting of the treatment area even in these situations, I have combined the use of magnifying spectacles with the W&H Synea Vision Turbine with 5x ring LED+ optic ring for more than two years now. The innovative lighting concept of the W&H Turbine ensures full light intensity at the treatment point, supporting safe and stress-free operation, even in difficult situations.”

DDR Mats Bäckström

DDR Mats Bäckström (Falun, Schweden)

“I have bought four TK-98 L Synea Vision Turbines with 5x ring LED+. This is my best investment for a long time. The instruments offer excellent light conditions in the oral cavity and a shadow-free view of the treatment site; they make inconvenient shadows due to chewing-surface ridges a thing of the past. Excellent torque supports efficient removal of natural tooth substance, as well as high-strength denture materials.

I now try to do as much preparatory work as possible using the new W&H turbines. These days I rarely use the contra-angle handpiece that I often used to use for grinding. The Synea Vision Turbines with 5x ring LED+ are now a fixed component of my surgery equipment. Because of the excellent product features I wholeheartedly recommend these instruments to every dentist.”