A Guide to 'The Other Side' of Implantology as a GDP by Dr Kunal Shah

Free to view webinar

W&H in collaboration with Kunal Shah

on Thursday 24th June 2021

at 7pm BST

This webinar offers a guide to Surgical Skills and Simple Implant Cases

Dr Kunal Shah will present a guide to surgical skills and simple implant cases aimed at General Dental Practioners. The key focus of this webinar will be to look at appropriate communications, consent and compliance for implant cases in general dental practice.


  • Understanding Consent and how to achieve Consent
  • Understanding Patient Perspective and Shared Decision Making
  • An overview of Communications skills – Wording, aids & adjuncts
  • Understanding Record Keeping in surgical implant cases
  • Overview of Common Pitfalls

Learning Outcomes

  • How to achieve consent and the process
  • Understanding communication skills and shared decision making
  • The importance of Record Keeping especially in Implant Dentistry
  • A brief overview of common pitfalls through clinical scenarios

Dr Kunal Shah

Dr Kunal Shah is the founder of LeoEducation. With a special interest in Implantology, Dr Kunal Shah is a Clinical Supervisor for students on the Year Long Postgraduate Implant Course at LeoDental. He has published several articles in the professional circular on CBCT, implant cases and mentoring and has lectured internationally.