Endea Endo Cursor

Ideal for use with hand files

The Endea Endo Cursor enables you to continue working with classic hand files, the difference being that it is motorized. It makes your work significantly faster and virtually fatigue-free.



System Overview

  • Endea Endo Cursor Contra-angle

    Fast, efficient and convenient

    The Endea Endo Cursor assists you in the preparation of the root canal, with a oscillating motion of approximately 60°.

    The small head ensures optimum visibility with excellent illumination in the molar area in particular.

    The main features at a glance

    • Proven hand files can still be used
    • Oscillating file movements
    • Fast and fatigue-free working
    • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
    Small head and slim shape

    Small head and slim shape

    Excellent view with optimum Access to the treatment site, particularly in the molar region.

    First-class hygiene

    The monobloc design of the instruments is markedly different
    from instruments with a replaceable head system.
    The full sleeve makes the instrument easy and efficient to clean.

    Small head

    Excellent view with optimum access
    to the treatment site, particularly in
    the molar region.

    Endea Endo Cursor

    Coupling system: Motors with ISO connection according to ISO 3964 (DIN 13.940)
    Connection diameter: 20 mm

    REF 12226201

    Contra-angle 4:1
    for hand root canal instruments Ø 3.6 – 4 mm

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  • Type:


    Transmission ratio:


    Recommended root canal instruments:

    Hand root canal instruments Ø 3.6–4 mm

    Max. motor speed:

    6,000 min -1

    Connection diameter:

    20 mm

    Coupling system:

    Motors with ISO connection according to ISO 3964 (DIN 13.940)