La svolta nella chirurgia orale

The new Piezomed module from W&H is THE game changer in piezo surgery. The module can now be used in conjunction with Implantmed Plus as a simple add-on solution. With this innovation, W&H is breaking new ground in surgical application. This ingenious modular system combines expertise from different areas to meet requirements for a maximum workflow.

W&H Experience Center:

The customer experience is becoming the most important factor in ongoing digitization. Only those who interact digitally and play on emotions will be able to thrive in today’s market. W&H has achieved just that with the ‘W&H Experience Center’: The virtual platform enables a new form of customer-focused communication which provides the opportunity to interact and network, even in these times of social distancing. W&H customers can take part in a product and brand experience from wherever they are, live and with a real feel.

Un solo manipolo cordless W&H – diversi sistemi di coppette

W&H sta ridefinendo la libertà nella lucidatura professionale: con il nuovo sistema di lucidatura cordless Proxeo Twist, ora hai ancora più libertà di scelta e libertà di movimento. Indipendentemente dal sistema di coppette che preferisci – LatchShort, Screw-in o Monouso – ora hai tu la scelta! Il design wireless del nuovo sistema offre una migliore ergonomia e una maggiore mobilità per il flusso di lavoro IPC.

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23.09. 2021

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