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Synea Vision by W&H -
the new dimension in shadow-free preparation

In daily use and subject to high loads, the new W&H Synea Vision turbine with 5 x LED ring is constantly being put to the test. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it not only boasts reliability and long-term value, but also and, above all, a superior LED concept. Dr med. dent. Grit Paradeiser – a W&H trial user for over a year – speaks of a "peak" in the field of restorative dentistry and prosthetics. The dentist from Freilassing in Germany now performs almost 99% of the work in her practice with the Synea Vision turbine. The instrument opens up entirely new dimensions in dental treatment.

The 5-strong practice team in Freilassing treats around 25 patients every day – that's no mean feat! But it's not only the staff who have to work hard, the dental instruments also need to be made of tough stuff. "The decisive factor is that the instruments are durable. Of course, we pay special attention to using them carefully, but the devices are still subjected to continued use due to the high turnover we have in our practice", said Dr. Grit Paradeiser. As an integral part of the daily work, the Synea Vision turbine also needs to cope with the hard day-to-day demands of the practice. In addition to the preparation of fillings, crowns and bridges, it is also used to remove existing amalgam and resin fillings, for example. "The high turnover in instrument preparation means that they are subject to additional loads, which is why we need instruments that stand out due to their robustness and durability."

Maximum innovation

The new Synea Vision turbine is the fruit of many years of intensive development work. To do justice to all the market's requirements, close cooperation with users was of pivotal importance to W&H at all stages. This made it possible to develop an instrument which not only stands out because of its long-term value, but also and above all because of the unique advantages it offers in medical applications.

5 x LED ring
100% illumination right into the cavity

Due to the difficult visibility and light conditions in the patient's oral cavity, precise, safe working in limited space takes on great importance. With the new 5 x LED ring+, the Synea Vision turbines allow 100% shadow-free illumination of the treatment site for the very first time. The preparation site is not only illuminated from mesial, but also from buccal, distal and lingual/palatal at the same time. This considerably increases the safety during treatment.

"Despite surgical lights, as a dentist I am often confronted with poor light conditions in the mouth, especially when I have to work in the rear molar area. For me to be able to assess the cavity, it's important to be able to see into it – that's not possible with a surgical light or magnifying glasses with a light attachment", said Dr Grit Paradeiser.

Synea Vision
Dr Grit Paradeiser is amazed by the extra-ordinary light quality of the Synea Vision turbine: "It not only ensures an optimal view of the oral cavity, but it also illuminates the cavity."

Equipped with a 5x ring LED+, the Synea Vision turbine is the first instrument in the world to boast light in the burr axis. This means that dentists benefit from 100% illumination even in hard-to-reach areas. "I also sometimes even use the turbine just to illuminate certain areas without actually performing any preparation. Of course, that also works with standard instruments with LED illumination, but the new W&H turbine offers a better quality of light. I find working with the Synea Vision turbine very comfortable and I can work much better in the mouth when I have optimal light conditions."

Dr. Paradeiser, Synea Vision
Even in the case of longer treatments, the uniquely ergonomic design of the W&H turbine allows relaxed working.

Ergonomics meet long-term value

According to Dr Grit Paradeiser, a particular highlight of the W&H turbine is the combination of the ergonomic design with the small head. Thanks to the low weight of the instrument, longer treatments can be carried out without any problems and without any signs of fatigue in the hands.

"Of course, a lot has happened in the development in recent years, but if I compare them, even the more recent models still feel a bit heavier and larger. The new Synea Vision turbine not only fits considerably better in your hand, the small head design also allows unrestricted access to the treatment site", explained the dentist.

In response to the question of whether male colleagues might experience handling difficulties due to the slender design, she answered, "The turbine fits in your hand perfectly – more or less like a pen, and both men and women alike are used to using them from their childhood onwards. The use is also similar to writing, which is why I think that the ergonomic design of the turbine is ideal for both sexes."

However, the appearance of the innovative W&H instrument is not only characterised by its ergonomics: with the help of an innovative, scratch-resistant coating it is also possible to offer perfect surface protection. "Due to the high loads they are subjected to as part of the preparation process, many instruments quickly lose their lustre and start to display the first signs of wear. Thanks to the special sealant layer of the Synea Vision turbine, there are absolutely no scratches on the instrument despite its intensive use. The instrument looks just as new today as it did when we started the trial", said Dr Paradeiser happily. "Patients draw conclusions about the quality of the treatment from the appearance of the instruments. That means that a high-quality exterior of our instruments is an important competitive factor."

5x Spray – safe cooling at the operating site

Cooling at the operating site is essential for safe working. With five spray outlets directly at the head (5x Spray) the W&H turbine ensures all-round, safe cooling. Dr Paradeiser sees an important advantage when using suction devices in particular: "Many instruments are equipped with a 3x spray. However, if the assistant moves the suction device too close to the spray during the treatment, there is a risk that too much water is removed and that the remaining water no longer reaches the operating site accurately. In the case of the turbine with 5x Spray, the water is still removed, but as it exits from more outlets, the effect on the cooling is considerably less."

Everything from a single source

As a customer of W&H for many years, Dr Grit Paradeiser is convinced of the advantages of the state-of-the-art W&H technology. "I bought an Assistina 3x3 just recently, having used the previous model since I started my practice. The new cleaning and maintenance unit allows me to clean the exterior of my instruments as well, which has considerably improved our hygiene process. As directives are becoming ever stricter, we also benefit from a validated procedure."

In addition to the new cleaning and maintenance unit, the current instrument range also includes selected W&H straight and contra-angle handpieces. "The decisive factors for me are primarily the quality and also the price-performance ratio of dental devices. The Synea Vision turbine offers not only optimal long-term value and durability, but also and above all innovative functions, which support my work on the patient optimally." The competent advice and comprehensive service on offer are also particularly important to Dr Paradeiser. "W&H is innovative and reliable. As such, I have the ideal partner by my side. And I think having devices from a single source is also an important benefit", concluded Dr Grit Paradeiser.

Synea Vision
Dr. Paradeiser, Synea Vision
High quality and a long service life are the focus of a modern instrument range for Dr Grit Paradeiser.