Hygiene & Maintenance

AIMS – Advanced Infection prevention Management Solutions

W&H AIMS conveys science-based and long-standing know-how which helps to form a deeper understanding of how infection risks arise and why each step of the reprocessing process as well as personal protective equipment and environment cleaning and disinfection are key to breaking the chain of infection.

It is a virtual step-by-step guide through the hygiene workflow and answers all questions before, during and after the reprocessing process, as well as on personal safety in the dental practice.

Furthermore, W&H AIMS demonstrates ways to make the whole reprocessing process more efficient, effective and adapted to everyday conditions – always with an eye to breaking the chain of infection!

AIMS workflow
Find out more about W&H AIMS reason why. Access the W&H AIMS workflow

Why is it important to follow the steps of a hygiene and reprocessing workflow?

  • To interrupt cross-transmission of infections in dental practices
  • For the health of dental professionals and patients
  • To maintain dental instruments and items to increase service life
  • For a professional waste, water and energy management

You can find helpful FAQs on the topic of hygiene and reprocessing in the FAQ section and on the Video Channel