Incredible! W&H Augmented Reality

W&H Augmented Reality

Experience a completely new way of seeing the world. W&H Augmented Reality (AR) technology makes W&H printed material come alive on the page for viewing in a completely new, interactive dimension.

Simply download the app, start it and point it at a picture (also referred to as a marker) with the W&H AR icon. The printed picture magically becomes an animated 3D image or a video, making it a unique experience.

Bring W&H products virtually to life

W&H Augmented Reality (AR) combines the real world and the virtual world. Pictures in future W&H advertisements or brochures will be more than just pictures. There will be videos, 3D animations and much more that you will be able to view directly in the advertisement or the brochure with your hands.

Just try it out and you will find it fascinating.

AR View

Selected pictures in future from W&H advertisements or brochures will be marked with a W&H AR icon (also referred to as a marker). Point your mobile device, on which you have installed the W&H AR, on a picture marked with this Icon. The AR View will start immediately – an animated 3D image or a video will raise from your mobile device.

You don't have a picture from a brochure or advertisement at hand? Download and print this sample picture – here we go!

Features of the W&H AR App

  • Experience selected products and W&H worlds from a completely new point of view
  • Product features at a glance
  • Directions to more product information
  • Languages: German, English and Spanish
  • W&H contact information
  • Markers can be requested by e-mail from the app and printed out at any time
W&H AR - Intro
W&H AR - Products
W&H AR - View

W&H AR: Install now!

Get the W&H AR App for your smartphone or tablet free of charge from the iTunes (for Apple) or from Google Play (for Android) and continuously experience new products and worlds of experience of W&H - to see more in the future!

Download: iTunes (for Apple)
Download: iTunes (for Apple)
Download: Google Play (for Android)
Download: Google Play (for Android)

W&H AR: Recommend!

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