Powders: moving it up a gear

Air-polishing has long been an integral component of prophylaxis and expands the treatment spectrum of a comprehensive preventative–curative workflow. By achieving the perfect balance of powder, handpiece and spray head, the supra- and subgingival area can be cleaned both thoroughly and gently. To help achieve an optimum patient outcome, it is therefore advisable to use systems that belong together. Based on the individual patient’s clinical findings, the prophylaxis team can precisely plan the powder sequence and ensure that contraindications are taken into consideration (see the Community Articles Air-polishing devices – are there any risks?; Do air-polishing devices have any contraindications?).

S3 guideline – Subgingival instrumentation

In collaboration with the German Society for Periodontology (DGParo), in October 2019 the German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillary Medicine (DGZMK) published a new S3 guideline on the topic of ‘Subgingival instrumentation’, which is now valid for five years. This new guideline primarily focuses on the following two main topics:

Some information about manual toothbrushes.

Dagmar Else Slot is probably one of the most published dental hygienists, and her systematic reviews always make for interesting reading. This time she has published a review on the topic of the efficacy of manual toothbrushes, and this study also helps us to answer the question: Does it really make a difference whether I quickly brush my teeth for only one minute, or if I brush them for two?

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