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User Report Alegra

Alegra Contra-angel

Univ. Prof. DDr. Herbert Dumfahrt, Director of the Universitätsklinik für Zahnersatz und Zahnerhaltung (University clinic for dental prosthetics and restorative dentistry), Innsbruck, Austria.

I have used W&H products for 27 years and I am impressed by the innovations and continuous product developments. When testing the new Alegra contra-angle handpieces with independent LED light, the universal applicability of the instruments stood out as a substantial advantage.
The fact that the LED light is independent from the motor means that the instruments can easily be used in all of our treatment areas without any complication.

The LED light provides outstanding light quality and very good illumination. The LED light from the instruments also combines pleasantly with the operation area lighting. The generator technology does, however, mean that the LED light becomes weaker at lower speeds. In order to counteract this effect, W&H provides different contra-angle handpieces from the Alegra range (WE-99, WE-56, WE-66) to produce sufficient light for every use.

In addition to the standard W&H quality, the contra-angle handpieces themselves have a convenient head size. The instruments are also very quiet and smooth-running and sit comfortably in the hand.