Reports & Studies

Preparation using daylight-quality LED light

Experiences of using the new ALEGRA contra-angle handpieces from W&H

Dr. Daniel Bäumer
Graduate of Heidelberg and Minnesota, USA
Research associate at the Munich Polyclinic for Dental Prosthetics, Munich University Clinic & dental assistant in a Munich dental practice

Initial situation

Until now, conventional contra-angle handpieces with halogen bulb have been used. The light supply came predominantly from the external light source on the treatment unit. The aim of the application of the new product was to assess the illuminating power and to create an overall impression with regard to ergonomics and precision.

Product information

The new Alegra contra-angle handpieces from the Austrian dental manufacturer W&H are equipped with particularly powerful LEDs. Unlike other contra-angle handpieces, these LEDs are not supplied from an external light source on the cable. The Alegra contra-angle handpiece is particularly convenient for treatment units without a light supply, as it generates the energy for the LED light itself by means of an integrated dynamo.

The integrated LEDs also have a higher colour rendering index than conventional LEDs. This provides a particularly clear colour contrast. Despite the high-quality LED, the head size and height are limited to the usual dimensions. In this case, improved performance does not require more space. The 3-nozzle system ensures pulp-friendly water cooling to protect the living tooth.

Usage & results

The contra-angle handpiece was used both in simple interventions such as cavity preparation and complex crown and bridge preparations. Its low weight and the ergonomic shape meant that the instrument always sat well in the hand and no signs of fatigue appeared in the wrist or fingers.

Intraoral work was simplified thanks to the high illuminating power and ergonomic design, even in areas that were difficult to access. It was possible to illuminate a large field of vision with notably higher luminous intensity. Even in edge areas, the illumination did not decline. The light temperature was similar to that of daylight and reproduced intraoral structures in a true-to-life fashion. In particular shades of red, which are very important in the mouth, (pulp, gingiva), are reproduced in a very true-to-life fashion.

Compared to conventional contra-angle handpieces with halogen light, the independently powered LED produced noticeably better vision, particularly details such as the edges of the preparation could be assessed more accurately and more safely.

Alegra contra-angle handpiece
Alegra contra-angle handpiece
Alegra contra-angle handpiece
Alegra contra-angle handpiece

Closing remarks

On the whole, the new contra-angle handpiece proved itself to be very useful. With the new ALEGRA contra-angle handpieces, W&H is offering an innovative product for everyday dental use which, by means of brand new light technology, significantly improves the vision of the person performing the treatment. The new generator technology demonstrates innovative creativity in an increasingly technologised dental market. In any case, it is worthwhile to try out the red, blue or green contra-angle handpiece for yourself and gain your own impressions.