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Synea Fusion – the advantages are at your fingertips

Increasing cost awareness on the part of patients and the desire for less traumatic dental treatment present modern dental practices with important investment decisions. Nowadays state-of-the-art technologies are required in dentistry to meet the high expectations of the market. The aim of current investment is both to address customers’ needs and also to ensure that the practice remains profitable.

Specialising in aesthetic dentistry, the Smile Clinic in Salzburg places high demands on its dental equipment. Approximately 50 patients are treated every day, so the 30-strong practice team focuses on efficient treatment processes and the best treatment results. Managing Director Dr. med. univ. et med. dent. Sehdi Sarmini is responsible for the practice concept, which was established in 2006. Consistent use of cutting-edge dental technologies is a significant part of the practice success. As a long-standing customer, Dr Sarmini values the high level of reliability provided by innovative W&H instruments. As a result, the advanced W&H contra-angle handpieces of the Synea Fusion range have been an integral component of the practice’s everyday work since 2012. In a recent interview, Dr Sarmini spoke about his requirements for precision dental instruments and told us about his initial experiences with W&H products.

Dr Sarmini, you and your team have been users of the new Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces by W&H since September 2012. Where exactly are the contra-angle handpieces used in your clinic?

Dr Sarmini: There are currently eight dentists in our team. They all use the W&H contra-angle handpieces for up to ten hours a day. The instruments are very frequently used for conservative treatments and preparations. As the Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces are extremely quiet running, we can make treatments for our patients in these application segments as atraumatic as possible.

What are your basic requirements for contra-angle handpieces for restoration and prosthetics?

Dr. Sarmini, Synea Fusion
Dr Sehdi Sarmini (left) and his assistant Eva Schmiederer (right) value the extremely quiet operation of the new Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces. They make preparation much less traumatic for the patient.

Dr Sarmini: It’s essential for our work that the contra-angle handpieces guarantee optimum illumination of the treatment area. Safe cooling of the area to be treated is another requirement. This is an important point, especially for preparations that take longer, and allows us to work without adversely affecting the tooth.
We also pay extra special attention to the noise level of the contra-angle handpieces. In our practice, we frequently treat “phobic patients”. Many of them fear going to the dentist simply because of the noise of the drill. So it’s important for us to work with instruments that have an extremely low level of sound level during operation. This enables us to make the treatment more comfortable and the patients are also much more relaxed.

What features of the new Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces are most important to you?

Dr Sarmini: Personally, I particularly like the press button chucking system of the new Synea Fusion range. Not only does it make it very easy to change the burs but the handpieces also have a very secure grip. It’s important that they’re very comfortable to hold because there are certain applications where contra-angle handpieces have to be used for longish periods.
We set high standards of hygiene in our Smile Clinic in order to offer our patients a high level of safety. Cleaning and maintenance of instruments are among the tasks carried out by our assistants. They particularly appreciate the monobloc design of the contra-angle handpieces when doing this. The monobloc design supports quick and easy preparation; the instruments can be quickly prepared for subsequent treatments.

How do you rate the quality of the new W&H instruments?

Dr Sarmini: Compared to earlier models, Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces stand out due to their excellent reliability and long service life. W&H offers top quality and performance in the smallest possible space by using high-grade materials combined with a robust and compact instrument design. Of course, our Smile Clinic focuses on the cost-effectiveness of the existing range of instruments. The W&H contra-angle handpieces offer very good value for money compared with earlier models.

Dr. Sarmini, Synea Fusion
Very easy to use due to the unique ergonomic design of the contra-angle handpieces.
Dr. Sarmini, Synea Fusion
The very quiet operation of the W&H instruments makes treatment much more comfortable for “phobic patients”.

In your clinic, it’s not just you but also your dental colleagues who work with the new contra-angle handpieces. To what extent does your clinic team benefit from using them every day?

Dr Sarmini: None of the instruments has broken down to date, which means that we benefit from the very high reliability of the contra-angle handpieces. So far, our expenses for repairs have been minimal. One aspect that our clinic team considers particularly positive is the universal ergonomic design which makes it easy to work comfortably on the patient.

Around 50 patients a day are treated in the Smile Clinic. As a result, the contra-angle handpieces are constantly moving between treatment and hygienic preparation. Have the Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces stood the test?

Dr Sarmini: The Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces have proven themselves in every case. Thanks to the easy-clean surface and ease of use, we’ve been able to reduce the time required for instrument preparation significantly. Given the high volume of patients in our practice, this is an important aspect. The time saved can then be devoted to looking after the patients.

The Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces offer the user a 2-year warranty and the W&H service network offers a 24-hour repair service. Have you had to make use of these services for the Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces?

Dr Sarmini: The W&H contra-angle handpieces are in continuous use in our practice and therefore have to work hard. In spite of this intensive use, the products are extremely reliable. So far there has only been one small fault on one of the contra-angle handpieces, which was fixed very quickly by the W&H service team.

Given your present experiences, would you recommend the product to colleagues? If yes, why?

Dr Sarmini: I would recommend the contra-angle handpieces of the Synea Fusion range to any colleague who is looking for the best value for money. Thanks to their ease of use – both for the dentist and also for the practice staff – the instruments support efficient processes in the practice. In my view, the products represent a significant part of the instrument range for any practice with economy and efficiency in mind.

What does your clinic operation demand from handpieces and contra-angle handpieces to enable you to work even more cost-efficiently?

Dr Sarmini: In my opinion, the most essential criteria are the excellent reliability and durability of the products. If any of the products should happen to break down at some point, we attach great importance to high-quality service and rapid repair processing. With W&H we have a competent partner that provides us with excellent support in all areas and at the same time helps us to further optimise our complex treatment processes by providing cutting-edge technologies.

Thank you for your time!

Dr Sehdi Sarmini, Smile Clinic Salzburg
As Managing Director of the Smile Clinic in Salzburg, Dr Sehdi Sarmini is very demanding when it comes to the value for money of his precision dental instruments.
“We attach great importance to high-quality service that enables us to work efficiently. With W&H we have a perfect partner by our side,” says Dr Sehdi Sarmini.