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First impressions count – even for instruments

Source: ZWP spezial 1+2 / 2014 / Oemus Media AG
Authors: Susan Oehler, Christin Bunn

High-quality, impeccably cared for medical devices and instruments are the sign of a good dental practice. However, this is often easier said than done, as the high rate of daily use usually entails a corresponding level of wear. For this reason, the solution is once again to invest cleverly when purchasing new products, deciding on instruments manufactured from particularly resistant and durable materials, for example: the Synea Vision range from W&H.

A beautiful smile opens doors and engenders sympathy right from the first encounter. So it’s no wonder that in addition to the purely health-related aspects, the aesthetic components are also taking on ever more importance in the field of dentistry. In the same way as a smile forms the basis for the first impression of a person, the atmosphere in the treatment rooms, including all the equipment, influences how the patient feels about their dentist. If the practice gives the impression of employing state-of-the-art technology, this contributes, more often than not, to the patient’s assessment of the quality of the treatment. In this way, high-quality, impeccably cared for and aesthetically pleasing medical devices communicate an air of professionalism and foster trust. They act as the dentist’s business card and reflect quality and aesthetic standards.

To be able to satisfy these high requirements, the technical equipment needs to boast extraordinary resistance and a high-quality finish. Straight and contra-angle handpieces are particularly subject to these requirements, as they are in the patient’s field of vision before, during and after the treatment. With the Synea Vision range, the dental manufacturer W&H offers an exclusive equipment range, which, thanks to numerous innovations, boasts not only outstanding visual aesthetics, but also reliability and ergonomics in its application.

Synea Vision
Thanks to the unique, ergonomic design and optimised grip profile, the W&H contra-angle handpieces fits perfectly in your hand.

High performance meets long-term value

Due to the different anatomical situations in each patient jaw, the dentist is continually confronted with varying intraoral spatial conditions. Particularly delicate preparation may be required due to the position in the treatment field and the age and general health of the patient. For this reason, the Synea Vision straight and contra-angle handpieces are available in two different head sizes in order to ensure unrestricted possibilities for accessing the treatment field, whatever the application scenario. The adapted head sizes also improve the power.

The non-slip and ergonomically designed Synea grip profile and the tried-and-tested monoblock design mean the instruments sit excellently in your hand. In addition, the WK-99 and WK-93 models in particular offer quiet, vibration-free operation thanks to their innovative gearing technology and ceramic ball bearings. The compact glass rod ensures optimal illumination of the treatment site and thus guarantees unimpeded vision. A fivefold spray is emitted directly from the contra-angle handpiece to allow effective cooling of the treatment site.

What’s more, with its stainless steel exterior parts, the structure of the instruments is also very robust and durable. However, the most important aspect of the visible high quality of the models is an innovation: their innovative coating, which preserves the value of the Synea Vision contra-angle handpiece range for the long-term.

The secret of the scratch-resistant protective coat

While the stainless steel body of the devices ensures stability, their high-quality and aesthetic look is down to special surface sealing. The Synea Vision range, comprising the straight handpiece HK-43 and the contra-angle handpieces WK-99, WK-93, WK-56, WK-66 and WK-86, is treated with a standard chrome coating, which in turn is enclosed in a glass layer of silicon dioxide. This protects the encased products from all angles and allows easy cleaning thanks to its physical properties. In this way, the coating developed using W&H’s internal production competence allows sterilization and thermal disinfection, for example, as the processed materials display particular resistance to temperature fluctuations. Despite often being exposed to high temperatures, the surfaces are unaffected and retain their smooth, hygienic feel. In addition, the high resistance of the coating prevents scratches, usually the first sign of wear, and therefore prolongs the service life of the straight and contra-angle handpieces. Even after repeated use, the handpieces look undamaged and as good as new, supporting the professional impression of the practice with an instrument range which is aesthetically pleasing and well cared for.

Synea Reihe von W&H
A special, scratch-resistant coating guarantees not only a long service life, but also simple cleaning of the instruments.
Synea Vision Winkelstück
Equipped with an innovative gearing technology and a special ceramic ball bearing, the Synea Vision contra-angle handpieces boast particularly quiet operation.