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Optimal view of the treatment site with 5x ring LED+

5x ring LED+ ensures the best lighting conditions at the treatment site
The combination of two lighting concepts supports safe and stress-free work on the patient.

An uncompromised view of the treatment site: The oral cavity and teeth are difficult areas in which to provide treatment. There is currently a call for innovative technologies above all else to improve light and visibility, to offer dentists optimum support, even in difficult applications. The focus is on maximum safety during treatment and the best results for both the patient and the doctor. It is some time since magnifying spectacles (loupes) first secured their place in modern dentistry. Fitted with a high-performance LED, they allow optimum lighting of the oral cavity and clearly illuminate the treatment site.

This is why Dr med. dent. Martin Schiffl has considered magnifying glasses as standard equipment for many years now. In his dental practice in Salzburg (Austria) the dentist actually takes this a step further: The combined use of magnifying spectacles and the new Synea Vision Turbine with 5x ring LED+ from W&H significantly enhances light quality in the oral cavity and the area of work.

“As a dentist, working with concentration and focus are essential. But to do this I need to be able to have an optimum and full view of the treatment site in the mouth. This is why I have been using magnifying spectacles with an integrated LED for several years now.

Dr. med.dent. Martin Schiffl, Salzburg, Austria
Dr. med.dent. Martin Schiffl
Salzburg, Austria

Not only do they ensure ideal illumination of the treatment field, they also support ergonomic posture. If you can clearly see the area you are working on in the mouth, you automatically straighten your back, which means you are not straining as you work. Many of our clients also like the dentist not having to be so close to them during treatment. As a dentist, when I use magnifying spectacles I can keep a comfortable and appropriate working distance to my patients.

5x ring LED+: the perfect support in difficult situations

Magnifying spectacles with LEDs are now standard in dentistry. Despite their obvious advantages there is, however, room for improvement in specific work situations. Especially in areas that are difficult to see, for example if soft tissue such as lips or the tongue affects the light rays from the magnifying spectacle LEDs, there can be inconvenient shadows, making it more difficult to see the treatment site. The same can happen when using various instruments in the mouth, such as a turbine, a mirror or a suction tip. I think it is also visually more difficult to see distal treatment areas of the molars. Because of the position of the actual treatment site, the light rays from the magnifying spectacles do not provide satisfactory help in these situations. The distal tooth surfaces are often inadequately lit when looking with the dental mirror.

In order to ensure 100% lighting of the treatment area even in these situations, I have been working with the new turbine from W&H from the Synea Vision series for more than two years now. It features a 5x ring LED+, which allows full and shadowless illumination of the treatment site. This allows us to combine the advantages of magnifying spectacles and the W&H turbine, and to ensure perfect visibility and illumination in every situation.

An innovate lighting concept

The new lighting system from Synea Vision Turbine is extremely convenient when it comes to working on the teeth. The very uniform illumination of the treatment field gives me a better view so I can work efficiently.

Even in difficult conditions I always have full light intensity - and exactly where I need it for stress-free and safe working conditions, i.e. at the point where I am working.

W&H Synea Vision Turbine with 5x ring LED+
best lighting conditions at the treatment site, especially in difficult conditions

Since there are five pin-head size LEDs, arranged in a ring on a small instrument head, the light source is right next to the burr, so there are no shadows. This unique design makes W&H the first supplier on the market to ensure completely shadowless illumination of the treatment site, thereby offering the doctor the highest level of safety in use.

100% shadowless illumination
The new W&H Synea Vision Turbine with 5x ring LED+

Synea Vision Turbine ensures optimum ergonomics and provides full light intensity, making it invaluable, especially when used with a variety of instruments in the mouth.

High performance with compact precision

Despite its compact and light design that allows comfortable handling, the Synea Vision Turbine with 5x ring LED+ provides sufficient torque and performance. Especially when working on natural teeth, but also for very hard dental materials such as ceramics and full ceramics, I really value the excellent ablation performance. I have always been able to achieve excellent treatment results with the Synea Vision Turbine TK-98 L. The high performance and the associated more efficient ablation means that I can apply less pressure during treatment, protecting my hand muscles and ligaments and the material that is used.


As a dedicated wearer of magnifying spectacles, I find myself facing unforeseen hurdles in the mouth and at the treatment site because of the magnifying spectacle LEDs. Especially in situations where the beam of light from the magnifying spectacle LEDs is covered or if I am working in a very restricted space, the additional use of the Synea Vision Turbine with 5x ring LED+ presents a significant advantage. The shadowless illumination of the treatment site gives me the benefit of the ideal lighting conditions in every application, so I have a perfect overview at all times during the treatment."