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W&H Power turbine - a perfect interplay of functionalities

Optimized blade geometry: for maximum torque and optimal power throughout preparation.

Achieving sustainable success with high-quality technologies – with this claim, Dr Chris McConnell treats around 15 patients a day in his private clinic in Cornwall in the south-west of the UK. As a general dentist with a special interest in cosmetic and sedation dentistry, he has a broad working dental background having worked in specialist hospital units as well as high street practices.

For excellent preparation results, the experienced dentist focuses on modern W&H technology. For the consistent user of the Synea Vision Power turbine TK-100 L, the perfect interplay of all functionalities of the W&H product, represents a decisive added value. With its enhanced attributes it allows the user to concentrate fully on the patient and the procedure. In addition to a 100% shadow-free view of the treatment site, thanks to innovative Ring LED+ technology, the W&H turbine is characterized by an optimal removal rate. High-strength restorations can be easily worked on and if necessary removed.

We spoke with Dr Chris McConnell on what he looks for in turbine handpieces and why the W&H Power turbine is now one of the preferred instruments in his private dental clinic.

Synea Vision Power turbine
Synea Vision Power turbine TK-100 L - perfect interplay of all functionalities.

Dr McConnell, when it comes to the point of using a dental turbine handpiece, what are the challenges that you face during your day-to-day work?

Dr McConnell: The key objective for me is that the handpiece has to just be reliable. There are so many things that are going on day to day that if I have a handpiece that creates a problem it increases my stress and makes the work harder to achieve. If my handpiece leaks air, is too noisy or has vibrations, has poor torque, is heavy, has too much or too little water spray, poor lighting, etc it makes the use of it very difficult. This in turn slows down my time for the procedure, which then is uncomfortable for the patients, stresses me and costs lost clinical time.

Have you seen a change in the past few years, which has an influenced your choice and use of dental handpieces?

Dr McConnell: I have noticed that speed, efficiency and easier access is becoming more important. We are having to look at ways to streamline our working practices and where time can be saved. I have found that by using a better turbine handpiece with the right attributes can achieve this. The main thing for me is the feel of the handpiece and it not being too heavy or “clunky”. I also find that good lighting and the head size being slightly smaller are essential in making the access easier and less stressful.

Performance chart
Improved performance due to optimal use of the torque without exhausting the maximum speed.
Hygiene with no compromises: Minimal escape of air at the head maximum capacity for added efficiency and unbeatable hygiene.

Since you have been using the Synea Vision Power turbine TK-100 L, what are the significant user benefits compared to other handpieces?

Dr McConnell: When we first started using the TK-100 L handpieces I thought they were nice but not significantly different to our old handpieces. Then after a couple of weeks of only using the TK-100 L we tried using our previous turbines again, but the old handpieces suddenly felt uncomfortable. We had not realised how bad our fairly good turbine handpieces were until we returned to them. The TK-100 L was much lighter and had a better feel which made it easier to use. The internal LED lights and water spray were also much better aligned than the previous handpiece. I had never realised how much excessive water spray the older handpieces were producing which continually disrupted my field of view when working with the mirror. This was hugely reduced when we used the Synea Vision turbine. The patients also commented on how much quieter the TK-100 L is, which made it more comfortable experience and the head size of the handpiece felt smaller making access easier.

Turbine with 5x ring LED+
Comfort to the power of 5! Five LEDs and five spray ports revolutionise visual comfort and ease of use.
Synea Vision Power turbine TK-100 L
Ergonomic, lightweight and quiet: Relaxed, fatigue-free working with noticeably more lightweight turbine system.

Thank you very much for the interview.

Dr. Chris McConnell
Dr. Chris McConnell