Synea, W&H’s premium brand, celebrates its 20th anniversary

Long may it rotate!

As part of the Synea product range, W&H has presented innovative, high-performance and attractive products for the last 20 years. Therefore, Synea has established itself as standard in dental practice, providing users with both safety and efficiency in everyday use.

This year marks the anniversary of Synea, a timeless classic. Even back in 1998, the brand’s products, with their slim shapes, elegant monobloc design and reliable performance, were making their way into dental practices around the world. That was just the beginning – the next step was a one-of-a-kind technical innovation. W&H became the first manufacturer in the dental industry to move the LED all the way to the front of the turbine head. The light was finally where it was most needed, right next to the treatment site. But it didn’t stop there. The introduction in 2014 of the 5x Ring LED+, integrated into the small head of the Synea Vision turbine handpiece, emphasised W&H’s position as a technological leader and enabled the visibility of the shadow-free treatment site. With the LED innovations, dentists not only benefit from the best lighting conditions, but also from reliable function despite frequent hygienic treatment processing such as sterilization.

Constantly adapting to the latest technology and user requirements

While the success of the Synea brand has increased over the years, the heads of the red contra-angle handpieces have become smaller and smaller. With more functionalities and miniaturization, it is much easier for dentists to carry out their delicate technical work in the narrowest of spaces in the oral cavity. And W&H has added a small but decisive detail: even after multiple applications and regular processing, the Synea Vision turbine, straight and contra-angle handpieces shine as brilliantly as they do when brand-new. This is thanks to the scratch-resistant surface coating. This guarantees the lasting value of Synea and makes W&H products an integral part of any dental practice.

Anniversary interview

Norbert Schatz, Development Engineer
Norbert Schatz, Development Engineer

Norbert Schatz, Development Engineer for straight and contra-angle handpieces at W&H, has played a significant role in the success of Synea right from the start.

Mr Schatz, Synea is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. What are your memories of the first generation of Synea?

Schatz: The development of the first Synea generation was a huge challenge for us. Due to the requirements, we had to completely change the design compared to the very successful predecessor series.
New materials, gearbox miniaturisation, new fibre-optic system, reduced head sizes, secure chucking systems and a consistent, ergonomic external sleeve are just a few of the cornerstones of the new design, some of which require brand new manufacturing processes. The continuous external sleeve in particular – the so-called monobloc design – has been retained right up to the current series and continues to be a key distinguishing feature of Synea products.

The high expectations of the new Synea products determined the focus of the company. At the same time, a new team organisation was introduced at W&H. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, I remember there being excellent cooperation both in the project team and the individual departments here at W&H. Even at the time Peter Malata senior wanted to contribute his experience to the concept and was able to do so as part of the project team.

You have been there alongside the product from the very beginning. In your opinion, which product features have made the Synea straight and contra-angle handpieces so popular then and now?

Schatz: The Synea brand is about so much more than just a straight and contra-angle handpiece. W&H has always strived to offer the customer the best possible package. Alongside the individual product this includes, for example, customer service, a balanced range and also the accessories. A long lifespan, excellent ergonomics, an appealing design, very quiet, low volume running and a scratch-resistant coating are just a few features that distinguish the current Synea series.

“Made in Austria” – a mark of quality? Please give us a brief insight into product development and production at W&H.

Schatz: I’m glad that the company location Bürmoos in the state of Salzburg is so highly valued within W&H’s company policy. The expertise required for the development, production, approval and marketing of the individual medical devices is concentrated at the company. This means that everything happens here on site, starting with the development, on to the production of the prototype, then series production of the individual parts right through to the assembly. Even the specialists for the cutting-edge machinery are trained in-house. I think that this is a great advantage for W&H – and for the customer as it allows us to achieve the best possible quality “Made in Austria”.

How has Synea changed over the last two decades? To what extent have the adjustments and developments been able to respond to the changing needs of the dental practice?

Schatz: We are always pursued to strike the right balance between customer needs and technical feasibility. Some aspects that have been the constant focus of optimisation over the past twenty years include: providing dentists with improved access to the treatment site through the smallest possible head sizes, improving spray quality, developing smooth-running and quiet contra-angle handpieces, modified scratch-resistant external surfaces for efficient cleaning and improving quality of light – especially by using LED technology.

What comes after the 20th anniversary? What can users look forward to in the future?

Schatz: The development for the next Synea generation has already started. Of course, the exact details must remain top secret. As you’re well aware, time does not stop in the straight and contra-angle handpiece sector and there is always something to optimise. That’s why a brand-new set of features is being considered for the next Synea generation in order to better meet the needs of the ‘modern dentist’. W&H is taking the challenge head on, and the development is set to be very exciting.

Finally, please give us an overview of the current Synea range.

Schatz: The Synea product range consists of turbine, straight and contra-angle handpiecesfor restorative treatments, which are divided into the two equipment lines: Synea Vision and Synea Fusion. Synea Vision products have an impressive range of outstanding product features, such as the unique Ring LED on the turbine handpieces, providing shadow-free illumination of the treatment site.

The high-speed contra-angle handpieces are characterised by particularly quiet operation and the 36-month warranty demonstrates our confidence in the long lifespan of our masterpieces. Thanks to the scratch-resistant coating, Synea Vision products continue to shine like new even after many years of use and several thousand processing cycles – visible proof of their remarkable quality.

Synea Fusion products offer an optimal combination of typical and established Synea core functionalities, while being particularly cost-effective. Synea Fusion turbine handpieces are fitted as standard with high-quality LED technology and Power Blade rotors to ensure efficient removal of tooth structure. Likewise, the ergonomic and particularly hygienic monobloc design of the contra-angle handpieces is part of all Synea products.


Even the very first generation of Synea in 1998 surprised users with its elegance and slim monobloc design.

Kompakte Abmessungen

Over three generations of Synea products, the head of the red contra-angle handpiece was made smaller and smaller. Today, its compact dimensions make it better for working in the narrow environment of the oral cavity.

Synea Vision / Fusion

Synea-Vision: The equipment line for the highest demands. Tailor-made turbine handpieces for the utmost precision, elegance and performance.

Synea-Fusion: The efficient and cost-effective basic solution with guaranteed Synea quality.

5-fach Ring LED+

With the introduction in 2014 of the sterilizable 5x Ring LED+, integrated into the small head of the Synea Vision turbine handpiece, W&H emphasised its position as a technological leader. Dentists benefit from shadow-free visibility of the treatment site.

Source: Oemus Media AG, ZWP 3/2019