Save today with W&H new E-Shop

With a reputation for providing the very best in dental products, innovation and technology, W&H have always been leaders in the field of dental industry supplies.

And now, with the launch of our new E-Shop, we are excited to pass on savings to our valued clientele.

Available on our E-Shop are dental products, accessories and consumables to make your life in practice easier.

Ready to buy online

Ready to buy today is the Osstell Beacon, the latest in innovation and technology, helping dentists to objectively and non-invasively determine implant stability and to assess the progress of osseointegration, without jeopardising the healing process.

The Osstell Beacon uses proprietary and evidence based RFA technology, founded on more than 1000 scientific studies and you can purchase it and any of the stock in our new E-Store with a 5% discount.

Just by being one of the first 100 customers to shop online at our website, you will receive 5% off simply by using the code NEW100.

W&H are your Implantology partner and we are proud to stand behind the products, accessories and consumables we supply.

The Osstell Beacon
The Osstell Beacon is ready to buy today
The Osstell Beacon Msart Peg
Delivered in sterile individual packets of 5 items each

Online Products

We also have a brand new range of products in our online catalogue, all available with the 5% discount if you order today and be one of the first 100 customers to enjoy the saving.

Among our latest stocks is the handy stainless steel insert for trays for trays for hygiene and convenience, and our disposable spray tubes complete with spike and clamp, along with Ecolab liquid detergent in a 5-litre bottle.

And don’t forget the exceptional Osstell Beacon and SmartPegs, custom made to fit each implant system perfectly and produced in over 70 different types.

W&H is thrilled to be launching our new E-Shop and passing the savings on to dental practitioners and industry professionals.

Shop now to enjoy your 5% as one of the first 100 people to take advantage of the savings on our brand new E-Shop.

E130 stainless steel insert for trays
E130 stainless steel insert for trays
Disposable Spray Tubes
Disposable Spray Tubes
Ecolab liquid detergent
Ecolab liquid detergent