W&H AIMS – safe infection prevention

W&H AIMS (Advanced Infection prevention Management Solutions) is the workflow for every dental practice. W&H AIMS provides step-by-step support for professional hygiene management to effectively break the chain of infection.

AIMS workflow
W&H AIMS workflow – infection prevention one step at a time

Individual hygiene management

With AIMS, W&H highlights options for efficiently and effectively designing the entire reprocessing process according to your individual needs. W&H AIMS also provides information for infection prevention, breaking the chain of infection, on hygiene and maintenance as well as the general safety of patients and users. This way, you can overcome new and future challenges professionally and safely.

The W&H AIMS workflow

W&H guides you through every individual step of the reprocessing process in order to minimise the risk of infection for users and patients alike. Both of whom often have lots of questions on this subject in particular and not having all the information can quickly lead to uncertainty. This is where the AIMS workflow comes in, providing scientific knowledge and concrete solutions, a combination that helps your practice team to make their professional life safer and less complicated at the same time!

Step-by-step to breaking the chain of infection

How and where do infection risks occur? Why is every step of the reprocessing process crucial? What role does personal protective equipment play? W&H AIMS provides answers to these and many other questions, guiding you step by step along the way to customising your hygiene management process. W&H’s reliable product portfolio also offers the perfect complement for implementation into everyday working routines.

Access the AIMS workflow

W&H AIMS devices
W&H AIMS workflow on different devices.
AIMS definition
AIMS definition: A result that your plans or actions are intended to achieve; principles.