Osstell Beacon Package

The Osstell Beacon helps you to objectively and non-invasively determine implant stability and to assess the progress of osseointegration - without jeopardizing the healing process.
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Osstell Beacon

Buy the Osstell Beacon, register to Osstell Connect and get 4 boxes of SmartPegs for free. Bonus Value $1.010.

Why Osstell Beacon?
Osstell, a W&H Company helps clinicians to objectively and non-invasively determine implant stability and monitor osseointegration.

The main clinical benefits are reduced treatment time, providing each patient with optimal time to teeth and manage the risk patients.

How does it work?
- Non-invasive magnetic pulses vibrate the SmartPeg attached to the implant.
- The vibration frequency of the SmartPeg is measured.
- The more stable the implant, the higher the frequency (ISQ).

The Osstell Beacon is wireless and motion activated - therefore easy to use. It is intuitive with his magnetic sensor, the color coding reflects the ISQ Scale and through Bluetooth uploads ISQ value to Osstell Connect a free cloud service where customers can collect and store ISQ readings with associated implant, patient and protocol data for further analysis.

Osstell Beacon

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The SmartPegs are single patient use items.

The correct SmartPeg type for the implant can be selected in the W&H Online Shop.

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Osstell Connect

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