Synea – 4ever young!

Constant innovation that inspires

Synea is the clear winner of the innovation challenge – and has been for 20 years. The Synea turbines and the Synea straight and contra-angle handpieces of W&H not only set the benchmark in their class – they are also a technical sensation. Unique in their function, design and reliability, Synea products inspire dentists’ day-to-day work and open up a lot of new treatment possibilities. Even more, they satisfy all requirements for safe and gentle preparation. Congratulations, Synea, on such an outstanding achievement! Happy birthday to you!

Synea Forever young.
Happy birthday to you! Synea products have been providing inspiration in dental work for 20 years.

Innovative, high-performance and visually appealing – that’s the Synea range. As an important standard feature in dental practices, the Synea products provide users with safety and efficiency in their everyday use. Packed with innovation, Synea has been facilitating constant improvements in dental treatment for 20 years. Products bearing the Synea brand name combined with a slim profile, an elegant monobloc design and reliable performance began securing a place for themselves in dental practices all over the world as far back as 1998. After this initial success, one technical highlight followed the other hard on the heels. W&H was the first manufacturer in the dental industry to integrate the LED into a turbine head. Finally, the light was where it was needed the most – close to the treatment site. But that wasn’t enough. With its 5x Ring LED+, integrated into the small head of the Synea Vision turbine, W&H underlined its position as the technology leader once again in 2014 and offered dentists a shadow-free view of the treatment site. With W&H’s LED innovations, dentists benefit not only from improved light conditions, but also from reliable functionality even after multiple hygienic reprocessing such as sterilization.

Synea Monobloc-Design
The first Synea generation cast its spell over dentists with its elegance and monobloc design in 1998.
Synea 5-fach Ring LED+
With the sterilizable 5x Ring LED+, integrated in the small head of the Synea Vision turbine, W&H underlined its position as the technology leader in 2014. Dentists benefit from a shadow-free view of the treatment field.

As the awareness of the Synea brand name grew bigger and bigger over time, the head of the red contra-angle handpiece itself was growing smaller and smaller. That translates to greater functionality and miniaturisation, which facilitate the dentists’ fine technical work within the limited confines of the oral cavity. W&H had another small but important bonus to add: thanks to their scratch-proof surface coating, the Synea Vision turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces still gleam the same after repeated use and regular processing as they do on their first day of use. This coating endows Synea with long-term value and makes W&H products a permanent fixture in every dental practice.

Constant reduction of the head
The head of the red contra-angle handpiece grew smaller with each of the three Synea generations. Today, compact dimensions ensure improved flexibility within the limited confines of the oral cavity.

A must-have for every dentist

Synea – a synonym for top quality “Made in Austria” meets the high standards placed on dental preparations. W&H has proven with innovative highlights that the company is a master of its craft and even capable of rendering the impossible possible. The focus is always on advancing the dentist’s work. Perfect combination of revolutionary technology and high quality service has allowed W&H as a reliable partner to set new standards in dental practices around the world for 20 years. Synea products are and always have been the must-have for every user.