Primea Advanced Air: High speed under perfect control

The Primea Advanced Air dental turbine handpiece is the perfect symbiosis of high speed and precision. The W&H innovation combines an air drive with an electronic control system and opens up completely new options in dental treatment by allowing the user to control the bur speed and removal of tooth structure precisely for the very first time.

In combination with the 5x Ring LED+, the source of the shadow-free illumination for the treatment site, the air-driven high-speed solution unlocks considerable advantages for dental preparation. It was also these features which impressed the panel in the Innovation Challenge for the National State Prize for Innovation 2018.

National State Prize for Innovation 2018

Precision at high speed

Compared with motor-driven contra-angle handpieces, the turbines offer better cutting performance thanks to their high rotary speed and lower weight, making them popular companions in day-to-day dentistry. In the past, control of the bur speed and thus control of the removal of tooth structure was somewhat lacking. With the Primea Advanced Air turbine, W&H now unites the advantages of a turbine with the decisive strengths of an electric motor for the first time.

The Primea Advanced Air system is the ideal solution for high-speed preparation.
The Primea Advanced Air system is the ideal solution for high-speed preparation.
Ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced.
Ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced.

Equipped with the assets of an electric motor, the turbine facilitates fine technical work in the high-speed segment. In addition, the sterilisable 5x Ring LED+ integrated in the small turbine head ensures 100% shadow-free illumination of the treatment site. A long-term dream of many dentists has finally become reality. With high cutting performance and under optimal light conditions, it is possible to excavate cavities effortlessly and without loss of speed, remove old fillings easily and even cut crowns and bridges with ease.

For the first time, users have the advantage of a wide range of controlled high speeds for day-to-day work in their practice. Compared with the drive motor and contra-angle handpiece system, the W&H turbine is considerably more lightweight and thus more ergonomic and cost-effective in its use. That makes the Primea Advanced Air an attractive high-speed preparation solution which offers great value for money.

Technological advances in dental treatment

The W&H dental product’s importance for the dental sector was confirmed in 2018 when W&H was awarded the National State Prize for Innovation for the Primea Advanced Air turbine. The reasoning of the panel of experts from the industry and economic sector was clear – dentists and their patients alike benefit from the W&H innovation.

“When we visit the dentist in the future, the high-frequency noise that is so familiar to us will be quieter. The dentist now has the option of tailoring his instruments to suit the respective treatment. A great deal of technical passion, high-quality resources and time has been invested in this product by a truly sensational team, plus the new system is also patented. For that reason, we think that this ‘Made in Austria’ product is something we’re going to hear a lot more about in the future,” said Dr Martha Mühlberger, Vice Rector of the University of Leoben and spokeswoman of the panel, explaining their decision at the award ceremony in Vienna on 22nd March 2018.

The new technical highlights of the Primea Advanced Air ensure new impulses in modern dentistry and aim to facilitate visits to the dentist in the future. In addition, the functions also open up the possibility of optimising the treatment and make the new dental turbine from W&H an attractive piece of standard equipment for dentists around the world.