The new generation of Lisa:

Incredible inside. Incredible outside.

With the new Lisa sterilizer, W&H continues on its heading for even more user comfort and safety.

The new Lisa: Incredible inside. Incredible outside.
© W&H/Nick Veasey

Inside the W&H sterilizer offers a wealth of innovative technologies that go beyond the everyday user experience. Equipped with artificial intelligence Lisa turns high end type B sterilizing into an efficient and safe work process.

Outside Lisa convinces with its perfect ergonomic design.

EliSense – optimized workflow with optimal output

Incredible experience

With EliSense, the new Lisa provides an unexpected user experience and best performance. Thanks to LED indicators and display the outstanding technology offers cycle status information, temperature information and much more to optimize both workflow and output at a glance. The new artificial intelligence of Lisa for increased efficiency and control:

EliSense’s Smart Sense: helps to shape and optimize the daily work routine. Thanks to it, Lisa is learning use by use and makes suggestions for more efficiency in the sterilization process. It informs about optimum sterilizer usage. Lisa even reminds users when the next routine test should be performed, depending on local regulatory requirements. In short: EliSense Smart Sense is a revolutionary technology, which goes beyond everyday user experience.

EliSense’s Status Sense: The new W&H sterilizer provides clear information on cycle status delivered by EliSense Status Sense. For the first time a glance at the unit provides all information needed. Small LEDs on the display indicate whether a cycle is in progress or finished. Users thus have a complete overview of the cycle status at all times.

EliSense’s Temperature Sense: More protection for the practice team is also an important aspect of the new Lisa. Equipped with the EliSense Temperature Sense the W&H sterilizer warns if the door is already open but the load is still too hot to be touched. Lisa thus takes care of the user well-being and offers more safety during working process.

EliSense LED indicators
Convinces day by day due to maximum performance and incredible usability, also through EliSense LED indicators.
Traceability System
New EliTrace – Traceability System to track the sterilization status of each single instrument or set.

EliTrace – for extended documentation

Incredible traceability

A high standard of hygiene is the hallmark of every dental practice. With the new generation of Lisa this standard is now being further optimized. EliTrace is the new enhanced Lisa documentation system which offers for the first time full traceability down to the single instrument or set without any extra software or computers. The result: a high level of safety for practices and their patients.

Eco Dry + – patented efficiency

Incredible performance

The patented Eco Dry + technology with the new Lisa, is furthermore improved providing a more economical solution. Lisa Eco Dry + adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. This reduces the cycle time, increases the life span of the instruments and optimizes the energy consumption. That not only means significant time saving in the reprocessing, but also makes Lisa a "green solution" in everyday practice.

The revolutionary technology inside the new Lisa was developed for highest demands. Actually Lisa offers much more. New safety. New intelligence. A new user experience, also because of the crystal clear colour touchdisplay for intuitive navigation through the intelligent menu structure. In addition to these innovative features, the sterilizer offers all known and proven Lisa functions such as User Authentication, Remote Data Storage, Shared LisaSafe (Label Printer), Programmable Start, 3-D maintenance animation, help buttons and Remote Monitoring thanks to the Lisa Mobile App.

fresh, ergonomic design
The new Lisa sterilizers on the outside: a fresh, ergonomic design and smooth surfaces.
The new high-end sterilizer Lisa – incredible performance, incredible usability.
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