#100000 sterilizers – What a milestone!

100000 sterilizers produced

They ensure the highest levels of hygiene and safety and fit in perfectly in every workflow. In short, they are the key to success: W&H’s sterilizers. W&H Sterilization in Brusaporto, Italy, has now produced its 100,000th sterilizer – time to celebrate!

W&H Sterilization has been manufacturing medical devices since 1999. The best-selling sterilizer is without a doubt Lisa. The Lisa sterilizer has now been backed up by a range of other exciting products: with the Lara, Lina, Lyla and Lexa sterilizers, W&H offers tailored solutions for different practice requirements. An unbeatable portfolio for success!

An experienced 120-strong team guarantees excellent quality.
An experienced 120-strong team guarantees excellent quality.

Win a sterilizer

An incredible achievement as W&H produces it’s 100,000th sterilizer because 100,000 sterilizers equals 100,000 unique learning experiences, proven quality 100,000 times and the increased safety of 100,000 dental practices around the world. This achievement is now being celebrated with the W&H community on social media and with an exclusive competition!

Take part now and win a sterilizer of your choice.
Follow the competition on our social media channels and hit the jackpot. The winner can look forward to a sterilizer of their choice.

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