Prophy Cups and Brushes

Proxeo Twist LatchShort Polishing System

The new Proxeo Twist LatchShort Prophy Cups in various hardness levels and Brushes are now available for optimal removal of biofilm and discolouration. All Proxeo Twist LatchShort Prophy Cups have a shorter shaft for an even lower working height.

Prophylaxis & Periodontology

Prophylaxis & Periodontology

System Overview

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  • Inspired by Prophy professionals

    In addition to the Proxeo Twist contra-angle handpiece, W&H is now also offering Prophy Cups and Brushes. They were designed in consultation with Prophy users. Great emphasis was placed on features such as optimal adaptation, simple paste pickup and distribution as well as gentle cleaning up into the sulcus.

    • Measurably more space

      Measurably more space

      The advantage of the new Proxeo Twist LatchShort system compared to the green contra-angle handpiece: more space for polishing with the shorter shaft.

    • Main benefits at a glance

      Main benefits at a glance

      • Smooth surface at the end of the Cup
        for gentle polishing up into the sulcus.
      • Special nub shape
        designed to prevent the paste from spraying.
      • Special internal fins
        for easy pickup and targeted application of paste.
      • Nubs on the outside
        polish the interdental space at the same time.

    • Change at the push of a button

      Change at the push of a button

      With the practical push-button chuck system, you can change the Prophy Cups in seconds.

    • Perfect sealing

      Perfect sealing

      Saliva and polishing paste can no longer infiltrate the head so easily. This supports the long service life of the contra-angle handpiece.

      Prophy Cups

      Prophy Cups soft / apple green
      REF 08003630

      144 pcs

      Prophy Cups firm / dark green
      REF 07597900

      144 pcs

      Prophy Brushes

      Prophy Brushes cup-shaped / soft

      for Proxeo Twist LatchShort WP-66 W and Proxeo Twist Cordless PL-40 HW

      Prophy Brushes cup-shaped / soft
      REF 08003650

      144 pcs

      Proxeo Twist LatchShort

      WP-66 W

      for W&H Prophy Cups and Brushes

      WP-66 W
      REF 30189000

      Contra-angle 4:1

      Proxeo Twist Cordless + LatchShort system

      Set PL-40 HW + PL-66 W (LatchShort)

      Consist of:
      › Handpiece drive
      › Wireless foot control
      › PL-66 W contra-angle head (LatchShort)
      › Handpiece holder
      › Charger incl. adaptor

      for W&H Prophy Cups and Brushes
      (LatchShort system)

      (further contra-angle attachments can be found as accessories)

      Set PL-40 HW + PL-66 W
      REF 90000346

    • Prophy Cups and Brushes

      Prophy Cups

      soft / apple green
      firm / dark green

      Prophy Brushes

      cup-shaped / soft

      Not for reuse

      Proxeo Twist LatchShort


      WP-66 W

      Max. motor speed:

      10.000 min -1

      Transmission ratio:


      Recommended speed for Prophy Cups and Prophy Brushes:

      1.250 - 2.500 min -1

      Maximum speed for Prophy Cups and Brushes:

      2.500 min -1

      Attachments that can be used:

      W&H Proxeo Twist LatchShort
      Prophy Cups and Brushes

      Coupling system:

      ISO 3964

      Proxeo Twist Cordless

      Cordless handpiece PL-40 HW
      Weight: 105 g
      Maximum speed: 12,000 rpm *
      Maximum torque: 2 Ncm
      Dimensions (W x D x H): 142 × 25 × 28 mm
      Battery type: Li-ion
      Running time when fully charged: 8 polishing treatments of 6 minutes each
      Standby: automatically after 4 minutes
      Charging time: for full charge (100%) approx. 2 hours
      for recharge (50%) approx. 30 min

      * maximum speed 3,000 rpm using prophy cup/brush together with straight and contra-angle head

      Contra-angle head*

      PL-66 W
      LatchShort system
      Transmission ratio: 4:1
      Maximum speed of prophy cup/brush: 3.000
      Usable attachments: W&H LatchShort Prophy
      cups and brushes

      * suitable for PL-40 HW