eLog the digital sterilization logbook

Maintaining a sterilization paper logbook is an important activity that is usually required by local regulations. Handling these paper records is undoubtedly a major effort. With eLog, W&H offers a fast and secure digital solution and thus a sustainable improvement in the practice workflow.

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    eLog is the best solution for creating sterilization logbooks

    Practices are obliged to keep records of sterilization cycles and routine tests performed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In many cases, they are also obliged to keep these records for many years.
    The usually administered paper logbooks lead to a huge amount of paper, a lot of redundant details that have to be written down several times a day and the associated risk of reporting incorrect information.

    With eLog, W&H offers an innovative digital solution that simplifies workflows in the dental practice, reduces the risk of errors and is more eco-friendly. The new eLog feature is integrated into the digital W&H cloud platform ioDent® and the mobile application W&H Steri App. This means W&H offers two easy ways for using the digital eLog function.

    All advantages at a glance

    • Increased security and reliability
      the reliability of the logbook is guaranteed by compliance with W&H workflows.
    • Time saving
      by automating manual procedures, such as writing down cycle details.
    • Eco-friendly
      thanks to the paperless workflow, the eLog function can save a large amount of paper.

    eLog applications

    The eLog function can be used in two different ways.

    • ioDent

      Option A: ioDent® platform

      For the most convenient use of the eLog function, we recommend using the cloud-based ioDent® platform in combination with the W&H Steri App (for digital recording of the test result). To gain access to the ioDent® platform, register on the ioDent® platform and activate the “Reprocessing” package. For any questions about activating the “Reprocessing” package, please contact your local W&H contact.
      The W&H Steri App is available free of charge in both on Google Play Store and App Store.

      ioDent - Register here

    • W&H Steri App

      Option B: W&H Steri App
      The eLog function can also be operated exclusively via the free of charge W&H Steri App. Generated eLogs can be shared via smartphone or tablet or sent via email.

      Download on the App Store
      Download on Google Play Store

      • Step 1
        Choose and run a sterilization or routine test cycle (e.g., Helix test) directly at the sterilizer. In order to increase the quality of traceability in the practice, it is also possible to scan the items and/or the routine test.
      • Step 2
        Once the selected cycle is completed, confirm the parameters on the sterilizer screen and check the result of the routine test.
      • Step 3
        Scan the QR code on the routine test and take a picture of the test via the "W&H Steri App". All test information is automatically linked to the sterilization cycle selected in step 1.
      • Step 4
        Option A – ioDent® platform: Log in to the ioDent® platform and go to the “Reprocessing” menu. You can download the digital logbooks (eLogs) in PDF format under the eLog section.

        Option B – W&H Steri App: Generate the eLog report in the app. Save the PDF document or send it to the practice's e-mail address.
      • Step 5
        The digital logbook is now available directly on your PC or smart device and is audit-proof.