The full range of oral surgery applications

For the first time, W&H can cover the entire workflow for minimally invasive oral surgery with a modular solution. With a new add-on for Implantmed Plus, the Piezomed module, the company is breaking new ground: implantology and piezo surgery are now combined in a single device. This will simplify clinical work and open up new prospects for treatment. Andreas Brandstätter, Strategic Product Manager for Oral Surgery and Implantology, was impressed with the new standard for the market.
We spoke to him about the product’s positioning and benefits for users.

Andreas Brandstätter, Strategic Product Manager for Oral Surgery and Implantology.
Andreas Brandstätter,  Strategic Product Manager  for Oral Surgery and Implantology.

What makes the new Piezomed module from W&H a genuine breakthrough in oral surgery?

Andreas Brandstätter: At W&H, we want to push boundaries and think outside the box for our users. We definitely achieved this in the development of our Piezomed module. It is easy and cost-effective to fit onto the Implantmed Plus. The result is a modular system that combines implantology and piezo surgery in one device, simplifying workflows. For me, this marks a genuine breakthrough in oral surgery that meets our users’ requirements.

The new Piezomed module – the breakthrough in oral surgery.
The new Piezomed module – the breakthrough in oral surgery.

How important is the new Piezomed module in modern oral surgery?

Andreas Brandstätter: It is a component that was missing on the market until now. The new Piezomed module complements our product range and combines implantology and piezo surgery in one device. This, coupled with the implant stability measurement and documentation features, makes us a leading manufacturer of surgical workflow solutions. Oral surgeons can now discover a new world of treatment possibilities.

The new Piezomed module: an important component that was previously missing on the market.
The new Piezomed module: an important component that was previously missing on the market.

How does W&H’s surgical portfolio differ from other product offerings?

Andreas Brandstätter: We have the complete range of oral surgery. All products and features are fully tailored to the user’s workflow: Implantmed Plus ensures efficient, safe implantology work, while the Piezomed module gives oral surgeons all the benefits of W&H piezo technology. Our surgical contra-angle handpieces allow procedures to be performed with unrivalled precision, while the wireless foot control ensures greater comfort and freedom of movement. The Osstell Beacon for measuring implant stability provides certainty in assessing the correct loading time for an implant. Comprehensive documentation guarantees full traceability. That means we are offering a unique modular system with perfectly dovetailed components, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and reliability in everyday clinical practice.

What market strategy are you pursuing with the new Piezomed module?

Andreas Brandstätter: We want to embed piezo surgery as the new oral surgery standard in dental practice and establish it as a fixed element of surgical workflows. The aim is for our new modular system to become synonymous with oral surgery & implantology in the future.

What are the strengths of W&H piezo technology?

Andreas Brandstätter: First and foremost, it is easy and intuitive to use. Another technical highlight is the patented automatic instrument detection. This automatically sets the right power class when the instrument is inserted and reduces the risk of instrument overload. In addition, with more than 30 different instruments and saws, our product range covers a broad spectrum of tasks. The specially developed saw-cutting geometry ensures outstanding cutting performance. For example, bone block removals can be carried out with little bone loss, which is ideal for ensuring procedures are minimally invasive. And, we use a special spray design to cool the treatment site perfectly.

What advantages does the new W&H modular system have in store for users?

Andreas Brandstätter: We are offering two versions of our Piezomed module: Piezomed Plus and Piezomed Classic. Whether it’s for general dental scenarios, for example assisting with tooth extractions, or for intensive use, both versions are designed to simplify processes in dental practice.
Another benefit is the standardised operation. What’s more, only irrigation tubing and a saline solution are required, which enables optimised handling. In addition, users always have the right device (implantology motor/piezosurgical instrument) to hand in a compact and space-saving form, whatever the application.

What is your personal highlight of the new product innovation

Andreas Brandstätter: With our new modular system, we are pushing the boundaries of oral surgery. Ways of working are changing and offering simple functionality, helps modern dentistry to progress.
In addition, we are offering our customers an attractive solution in terms of price. Even as early as the product development stage, we kept an eye on the manufacturing costs and deliberately avoided using multiple components. For example, only one display, touch screen and coolant pump are used for a surgical application. We are delighted we can pass on this manufacturing cost reduction to our customers – a classic win-win situation.

Control unit (WS-75 L) with module (SA-40 L)
The new modular system from W&H simplifies the surgical workflow.