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Synea LED+ Turbines

Tested for you – Dr. Paul AZOULAY

Synea Turbine

Working in the 'light of day'

An ideal tool for removing decayed material from caries, preparing tooth stumps, cavities, removing fillings and metal and for finishing the surfaces of teeth and restorations.

The LED+ provides improved visibility of the treatment area and allows colours to be seen in a natural-like light. Working is guaranteed stress-less thanks to a rendering of contrasts and colours that is easy on the eyes. With a colour temperature of 5,500 Kelvin, the turbines have a light spectrum corresponding to daylight. They have a high colour rendering index (CRI) for perfectly clear, natural colours.

The miniaturised head means excellent visibility, and the position of the LED, directly on the head of the turbines, provides a wider field of vision.

Dr. Matthieu BOULANGEOT (Meurthe-et-Moselle, France)

Good bur retention

These LED turbines are good products which provide brighter lighting than similar tools that use bulbs. In fact, bulbs often fail us...
LEDs mean less maintenance, and after over a year's use, I have nothing in particular to report. I cannot see any drawbacks when using this turbine: excellent surfacing, choice of a normal or small head size, easy to change burs, and they are held in place well. I can only say that I am very satisfied.

Synea Turbine Penta Spray

Dr. Thomas LAURENT (Puy-de-Dôme, France): A lighter turbine

I leased the new LED turbine together with a maintenance contract which gives me peace of mind.

The light is impeccable; it is whiter, better focused on the area of work, without glare. This is particularly appreciated in endodontic work where the light plunges down as far as the entrances to the canals and helps with opening the pulp chamber.
This turbine is lighter and its smoother surface makes it easier to hold with gloves.

The procedures used in the dental surgery for cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and sterilization (i.e., Assistina, DAC, lubricant spray and Lisa) means that the instrument is always in a perfect working condition.

Dr. Denis BERTRAND (Herault, France)

A smooth surface that makes handling
The main quality of this turbine is the exceptional luminosity of the LED. I use it for everything except for cutting metal, which I do with a high-speed contra-angle. The working area can be seen so well that you could almost do without the dental light.

In addition, the many times it has been autoclaved after a year of use have not resulted in any loss of light. So far, this turbine has not given us any problems. Its smoother surface makes it easier to hold and maintenance is simple with Assistina. I am delighted to have bought two of them.

Dr. Jean-Jacques BAYLE (Sarthe., France)

A well calibrated white light
I was very pleasantly surprised by the lighting, lightness and small head dimensions of this new LED turbine. The light is the great strength of this instrument. It perfectly lights the tooth you are working on. The difference from other fibre-optic instruments is the luminosity.

The new Synea produces a well calibrated white light. It is all the more noticeable when you are working in the posterior areas of the maxilla around 26 - 27. The 5-jet spray is helpful, effectively cleaning the working area. In the end we must see how well the instruments age. In any case, for the moment, I am very satisfied.

Dr. Bernard MARQUET (Monaco)

No glare
I have used these turbines since they appeared on the market. The new generation with LED provides me with incomparable comfort. The quality of the light and its intensity provides adequate light for the field of work.

The real plus is that you see clearly... without any glare. I used to use a fibre light source in addition to the dental light. Today I can manage without it! The turbine allows very precise work, particularly with dental loupes. I would like to see this LED light used on the entire line of dynamic instruments.

Dentoscope 73 - 15.11.2010