Review: "W&H AIMSAdvanced Infection prevention Management Solutions" by Christian Stempf

Did you miss our recent webinar?

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If you missed our recent webinar on "W&H AIMS – Advanced Infection prevention Management Solutions" or just want to watch it again, no worries! We have recorded it for you!

The webinar is designed to answer the following interesting topics:

  • What is W&H AIMS about and what does it offer to healthcare professionals?
  • Why is every single step of the reprocessing cycle critical?
  • Where and how do infection risks arise in the practice setting and what role does personal protective equipment play?
  • How can you to take advantage of W&H’s worldwide know-how in the areas of asepsis and reprocessing, aiding the prevention of infections!
  • Science-based, evidence-based and comprehensive information combined with best practice tips from W&H!
  • An innovative virtual step-by-step guide that explains each step of the reprocessing process!

This webinar answers many of the questions that you and your team may have for the decontamination process going forward!
Find out for yourself!

Christian Stempf:
W&H Hygiene Adviser