Review: "Protect patients and staff from airborne infections" by Christian Stempf

Did you miss our recent webinar?

If so, don't worry! We recorded it for you!

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If you missed our recent webinar on "Protect patients and staff from airborne infections" or just want to watch it again? Don't worry! We have recorded it for you!

The webinar is designed to provide clarification on many including the following interesting topics:

  • How the current pandemic has raised awareness of the impact of environmental contamination
  • How dentists and their teams are exposed to possibly harmful aerosols on a daily basis
  • What protective measures can be taken to prevent against airborne infections
  • Re-iteration of the importance of effective and regular hand hygiene
  • The importance of appropriate PPE including masks and how filtration performance often refers to particles size >0,3µm but how does this affect nanometre sized viruses?
  • An insight into the performance of HEPA filtration systems

A lot of interesting questions for the future were answered!
Find out for yourself! Because your health is important!

Christian Stempf:
W&H Hygiene Adviser