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LED+ Innovation from W&H

Exclusive – the new W&H instruments with LED

The maximum LED technology: the new W&H Synea turbines, and Alegra turbines and contra-angle handpieces as well as surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces with LED+!

Relaxed work thanks to daylight quality light, exceptional reproduction of natural colours and clear colour contrasts: with an unparalleled colour rendering index (CRI), the new LED instruments from W&H now offer an additional advantage. For W&H customers, this means yet another exclusive illumination advantage for practical applications. See for yourself – better.

* All instruments were tested under identical conditions.

With a CRI of over 90, the new LED instruments from W&H offer incomparably high colour rendering. In concrete terms, this means that, for the first time, the treatment area and in particular the red tones within the mouth are reproduced in colours that are true to life – a significant advantage for your well-being and a huge relief for your eyes.


The main W&H advantages of LED+ at a glance:

  • Optimal colour temperature of 5,500 Kelvin for daylight quality in the treatment field
  • Maximum field of illumination by placing the LED chip directly at the point where light leaves the instrument - on the instrument head
  • Optimal contrast sensitivity: A colour rendering index of over 90 for natural colour rendition and therefore significantly improved contrast sensitivity for your eyes.
  • Constant light quality and an intensity of at least 25,000 lux, regardless of the power supply setting on the dental units with Synea and Alegra; up to 31,000 lux with the surgical instruments – dependent on speed
  • Highest lumen value by comparison: Lumen is the unit of measurement for the total luminous flux of a light source regardless of the distance of the light source from the object. The lumen value will actually replace measurement in Watt in the future, even in standard light sources such as incandescent lamps. It is therefore the only value that gives the actual luminous flux of a light source reliably.
  • Sterilisability: W&H observes the highest standards of hygiene and is the only manufacturer to offer fully sterilisable LED range.