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W&H Entran - cordless Endodontics handpiece

user report by Dr. Sam Zukerman, Smile Designs Dentistry,
Hawthorn East, VIC, Australia.

Published in "Bite: Better Business for Dentists", 25 February 2010.

Entran - cordless Endodontics handpiece

I purchased this cordless handpiece in order to move from the old hand files to using a rotary instrument. It has only recently come on the market and I’ve been using it for three months. The reason I chose a cordless unit is because it gives better freedom of movement and is more comfortable to use. I’m very happy with it.

What’s good about it

It is streamlined with a small head which makes it more accessible and leaves a clear field of vision. The fact that it is cordless means you are able to angle it more easily.
It contains a lithium battery and comes with a desktop charger. For the amount of endodontics that I do at the level of general practice, the handpiece only needs to be charged every two or three weeks.

This unit has five levels of torque but all of it is low speed. It also has a safety mechanism which will reverse or stop automatically if it gets caught. You can choose which option you prefer.
There are a range of different sized files available that work with the system and, like everything, there’s a learning curve involved.

I believe there is still a place for using hand files but when a rotary is suitable, you wouldn’t go back.

What’s not so good

It would be handy if it had variable speed. The head also has to be autoclaved after each use so you need to have a spare head on hand if you are performing sequential endodontic cases.