Surgical instruments for dentistry & implantology

Product Overview

Safe. Efficient. Gentle.

W&H dental instruments for surgery

W&H provides high-quality dental surgery equipment for dental professionals worldwide to ensure improved treatment experiences for patients and dental professionals. Our handpieces and implant stability measuring devices are paired with state-of-the-art motors and continuously updated software solutions – for highly precise, safe and efficient oral and implant surgery. Achieve optimal results and carry out gentle procedures with W&H.

Surgical devices for dentistry

Your compass for tomorrow's dental surgery

Whatever you encounter. You are prepared for anything with W&H dental surgical devices. Our Piezomed product line caters to the demands of oral surgery, while our Implantmed product line is the right choice for implant surgery. The all-rounder, Elcomed, is the classic and reliable device in the operating room.

Straight & contra-angle handpieces

Dental tools for surgery & implantology with mini LED+

The handpieces and contra-angle handpieces were developed and perfected for oral surgery, implantology and maxillofacial surgery. W&H dental surgical instruments offer optimal illumination of the treatment site and facilitate precise treatment results.

Implant stability measurement

Dental surgery equipment for stable implants

Check primary stability of implants, observe and document osseointegration with the W&H Osstell ISQ implant stability measurement device. A true staple when it comes to dental surgery instruments and monitoring of the healing process.

Piezomed instruments

Efficient & gentle instruments for dental surgery

W&H instruments for dental piezo surgery offer oral surgeons optimal support in bone surgery, lateral sinus lifts, tooth extractions, endodontic procedures as well as in surgical periodontology and retrograde. At the same time, they help you as an oral surgeon to keep your procedures as atraumatic as possible for your patients and thus improve wound healing.

Accessories & Consumables

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W&H dental surgical instruments

Areas of application

Dental surgeons worldwide trust in the instruments manufactured by W&H, thanks to high quality standards and continuous innovation. Combined with powerful motors and intuitive software solutions, W&H devices for dental surgery are a reliable and efficient choice for a range of procedures:

  • preparation of the implant site
  • implant insertion
  • apical resection
  • osteotomy
  • bone modelling and smoothing
  • sequestrotomy
  • germectomy
  • hemisection
  • wisdom tooth extraction

Optimize your workflow

The range of W&H instruments and devices for dental surgery is tailored to the needs of dental professionals. Customize your workflow with Implantmed and select your presets via our wireless foot control. For clinics with a team of multiple surgeons, set several individual drill protocols for a seamless switch between your personal workflows. Regular updates ensure unrivalled reliability while also continuously adding new features.

Combine Implantmed with the W&H Piezomed module for minimally invasive and maximally effective dental surgeries thanks to modern ultrasonic technology – all in one device.

From performing osteotomies to threading and the precise implant insertion. From the monitoring of the healing process with ISQ measurement devices to the documentation of the surgical process and results. W&H provides high-quality service solutions and instruments for every step of dental surgeries.

Benefits for dentists & patients

The high demands of oral surgery and implantology call for precise and gentle tools that are easy to handle. With their outstanding ergonomic and lightweight design, our W&H dental instruments for surgery have been developed to make treatments more flexible and less tiring. For optimized results and maximized efficiency.

Simultaneously, innovative technology such as our piezo dental instruments make dental surgeries as minimally invasive and atraumatic as possible, for improved treatment comfort for your patients.