Dental hygiene instruments for prophylaxis & periodontology

Product Overview

Fast. Gentle. Powerful.

W&H tools & equipment for dental hygiene

Prophylaxis is the cornerstone of dentistry, preventing dental issues before they occur. Developed by professionals for professionals, W&H dental tools are the first choice of countless dental hygienists around the globe. The range of air and piezo scalers as well as polishing devices is unmatched in quality, efficiency and gentleness. For effortless workflows and reliable outcomes every time.

Proxeo air scaler

Your versatile & efficient tool for dental hygiene

The W&H air scaler is the perfect dental hygiene instrument for the removal of hard and soft deposits both above and below the gum line. The air scaler fits every turbine hose and is thus ready for use in the blink of an eye. The range of tips is the optimal complement for any approach and helps you with the atraumatic treatment of your patients.

*Not available in NA yet

Piezo scaler

Scaling has never been so comfortable and easy

The W&H piezo scaler with the W&H tips are true staples in the W&H range of instruments and supplies for dental hygienists: They offer perfect support in the removal of supragingival calculus, plaque and subgingival concretions. The range of tips covers a wide variety of applications and facilitates each treatment step.

*Not available in NA yet

Proxeo TWIST cordless

The dental hygiene handpiece for more freedom

The new Proxeo Twist Cordless is about polishing with no restrictions in various ways. Enjoy complete freedom of movement with this cordless dental hygiene handpiece and choose your preferred cup system.

Proxeo TWIST straight & contra-angle handpieces

Irresistible advantages for rotary polishing.

The Proxeo straight and contra-angle handpieces for dental hygienists are the go-to for rotary polishing. Professional cleaning, polishing and fluoridation are a breeze when working with Proxeo TWIST. Simply slot in the appropriate prophy cup and start the treatment process.

Accessories & Consumables

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W&H tools & supplies for dental hygienists

Areas of application

The development of perfectly honed instruments for dental hygienists has utmost priority for W&H. Prophylaxis is one of the most important pillars of oral health and, likewise, gentle and efficient equipment for dental hygienists is an integral part of everyday dentistry. Our air and piezo scalers and polishing handpieces are the right choice for a variety of treatments:

  • calculus, plaque, biofilm removal
  • stain removal
  • tooth polishing and remineralization
  • for supragingival and subgingival use

For health & aesthetics

With the right W&H tools and supplies, dental hygiene is made as easy and comfortable as possible. The main goal: an atraumatic experience for the patient. As the fundament of dental and oral health, regular check-ups and dental cleanings are crucial and should not be dreaded by your patients. W&H equipment for dental hygienists makes the annual visits at the dentist a positive experience – with patients leaving your practice with healthy teeth that look and feel their best.

Modern technology for modern patient care

State-of-the-art piezoelectric scalers are the minimally invasive and fast answer to calculus removal. Besides its balanced ergonomics and comfortable handling, dental hygienists value the handpiece for its versatility. The broad range of piezo scaler tips goes beyond the field of prophylaxis and periodontology. Developed in close collaboration with end users, they are also the right choice for endodontics, implantology, restoration and prosthetics.

Harnessing air for maximum efficiency

The dental air scalers by W&H are powerful yet gentle. The air-driven handpieces facilitate the work of dental hygienists with an integrated spray, two large optic outlets and stepless power regulation. The wide variety of tips boast optimal ergonomics for effortless calculus removal even in hard-to-reach-places.